BlackJack II gets invited to the WM6.1 party

BlackJack II gets invited to the WM6.1 party
Better late than never, right? It's definitely not the first device to get the update, but you can add the Samsung SGH-i617to the list. More commonly known as the BlackJack II, the device finally been upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1. By now there's nothing new to report about the OS, its most useful feature is threaded text messaging, but it's worth the upgrade nonetheless. Hit the Samsung link for the download.

source: Samsung via Gizmodo



1. unregistered

i wonder if the ace from sprint will be getting the update too? or already has??!

2. WirelessJedi

Posts: 3; Member since: Apr 07, 2008

I'll have that with a side of Silverlight and Flash support,please.

3. unregistered

So, if anyone tries this update on their BJ II and something goes wrong? where can they get the software to reinstall WM 6.0 again?

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