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BlackBerry fans, here are some new BlackBerry Z3 hands-on photos

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It's been a while since we last saw the BlackBerry Z3, codenamed "Jakarta". Now, BlackBerry's first BB10-powered, entry-level phone has posed for the camera of Indonesian website Detik. The new hands-on photos confirm, once more, that the Foxconn-produced BlackBerry Z3 is a rectangular slab of black plastic with a 5-inch 540x960 display and a grippy texture on its back. It also has a dual-core CPU, a gig and a half of RAM, and 8GB of storage space.

The ones who have held Jakarta said that it's a solid phone, and its hardware is still able to handle the majority of BB10 and Android apps. Not at all bad for a sub-$200 brand-name handset that's set to launch in Indonesia next week. Hopefully, the Z3 will satisfy BlackBerry's initial pursuit of the emerging markets. In the meantime, feel free to bump up your screen's brightness and take a look at these photos.

source: Detik via BerryReview

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