BlackBerry Thunder breaks cover!

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BlackBerry Thunder breaks cover!
Here it is folks, the BlackBerry Thunder and its SureType/QWERTY keyboard live and in person.  As we've heard before, CrackBerry is reporting that the screen gives tactile feedback, like "a big button" that gives you real, clicky feedback as well as localized haptics.  They are also confirming the rumor that the Thunder will feature a glass, multi-touch panel.  Rumor also has it that the browser will be built off of WebKit, same as Mobile Safari, so we really could be looking at an iPhone killer this time around.  Of course other reliable sources are saying it's not ready for prime time yet, so time will tell what RIM can do with this.

BlackBerry Thunder Preliminary Specifications

source: CrackBerry via Gizmodo



1. unregistered

that looks like a very comfee textin emailin video watchin music listening pic viewing instant messaging kindaa device lol i may give back the dare stick wit the voyager and use my ne2 on this **************** lol dump phoneeee bye bye

58. unregistered

i dont think anyone but you could understand what you just said

60. unregistered

hahahahahah i agree 100%

2. unregistered

I think I really want this... but with (I believe) a higher price tag im not feeling the "comic sans" system font?

25. C-Chickie unregistered

I am almost positive you can manipulate the font styles

46. unregistered

Yes, you can change the font used system wide in the Black Berry OS.

65. Heytretre unregistered

there are like 8 different fonts dont be discouraged by the default one the BB is very powerful my friend! VERY POWERFUL!!

3. unregistered


4. unregistered

i'm sure you can change the font...can't wait until this phone comes out...bye-bye iphone

5. stilt

Posts: 63; Member since: Jul 13, 2008

Yep, I know what i'm getting next. Anyone looking for My LG dare it will be on ebay when the thunder comes out. for sure!!! The dare is great but I always wanted a blackberry and now that its all touch screen I will be getting one.

63. L unregistered

how much u sellin it for?

64. mzarag01 unregistered

well, although the thunder won't be coming out soon, i think I'll still buy the Dare, then maybe, just maybe, the THUNDER

6. unregistered

I really hope that the UI is as innovative as the iPhone and still lives up to the business Blackberry that well all love and know.

67. unregistered

well no matter wat black berry is always going to live up to its business purpose its just that some people use it for the wrong reasons lol now the features are something that blackberry has never came out with i guess they were too busy thinking about the business people

7. a1016neo unregistered

I don't believe in an iphone killer... I don't know why people are so hyped up and ready to throw away their iphone for these keyboard pictures of the Thunder.... If RIM plans to have an iphone killer on their hands they better have some good stuff under their sleeves.... Sticking a touch screen on a blackberry just won't do it. They need a killer UI and ease of use along with some killer multimedia features and a sweet browser if they plan to get consumers to buy these things... Business users will stay away from the Thunder because of it's touch screen... This leaves it to consumers who RIM doesn't have a big base on compared to the iphone.... They will need to be over the top in order to capture iphone users... Can RIM pull it off??? I don't know, but they will need to do it fast before their users start to switch to iphones...

9. Junior unregistered

That "base" you're talking about, RIM built it in the past 2 years. Heard about a little phone called the Pearl?? Well, it was had success with not only some of the business crowd, but with a lot of the hipsters as well. And really, I don't believe BlackBerry needs to have anything up their sleeves. The name says it all. It's a name business people, and most recently the norms, have been able to trust for years. One thing I know is that a very small percentage of the business people switched and tried out the iPhone. Why didn't a big percentage do so? Because they need a reliable source for their business. iPhone can't provide that, at least now, and you can ask any business man. Maybe send them a video you took with your iPhone, oh wait, oh man, I'm such a jerk.

10. 8lias unregistered

the cool thing about 3rd application add-ons is the sky is the limit, any gripes about both phones can be implemented through third party apps, question is, how fast, how available, how affordable, and how usable these apps are going to be. The more popular and the more hype of the phone, the more developers will be releasing their 3rd party apps.

17. unregistered

I can't stop laughing at how excited iphone user are that their phone has this fancy new ability to download 3rd party apps. This is an old hat. Welcome to today iphone, maybe tomorow you will be able to do a few more of the things phones have done for years. Like picture mail. Or record video. Or stereo bluetooth.

22. unregistered

Comment #20: get informed, picture mail has been present on the iPhone ever since it got released a year ago. oh yeah and Video Record is getting fixed with an upcoming application. so.

24. C-Chickie unregistered

I was just talking to my ex and even he says its only capable of sending pictures through e-mail, not text... So if he is correct ( I believe he will be since the owns the damn thing) than you need to 'get informed'

26. C-Chickie unregistered

People want this phone because unlike APPLE, the name BLACKBERRY is a highly respected practical device thats secure and reliable when it comes to Smartphones, which I believe now they are referring to the new 3g Iphone as a PDA.Most people I know that own a BB swear by the damn thing. They dont call it a crackberry for nothing! With a reputation like that following suit of so many other manufatures and taking on the touchscreen its only natural for people to through down a phone that is OK and onto a BB Thunder. A good reputation is hard to beat.

27. unregistered

I agree to your comments, personally i had the iphone for two months! i got sick of how you cant do anything, let alone you have to hack it in order for you to get third party apps and that includes massive glitches that come with that hack! This iphonehype is just stupid. i gave up my iphone to get my 8830, and hands down by far.... way better than iphone. I do believe that this "thunder" will out rank the iphone any day. I guess all we can do is just wait and see.

30. 8lias unregistered

Just curious, why did RIM decided to build an all touch phone? Hmmm...I wonder if the "hype" really make any statement in the phone industry? I am just saying.

33. unregistered

have fun sending "picture mail" on the 3g

48. mrinalkantijha

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 16, 2008

Video recording was an issue with iPhone before and oday also when they launched 3G version.

68. unregistered

ill tell u wat iphone has nothing on the dare now i believe that apple could of done alot better than what they did. the touch on the iphon isnt even as responsive as the voyager or the wat if u can see youtube on it so can my computer lol

69. unregistered

i have 2 agree with u bb is a very repectable name and it is known worlwide they just did a lil upgrade to the phone to keep it in style with a touch screen and ull be surprise how many business people like touch screen especially if it has a stylus

8. at&tandverizoncustomer unregistered

if it still has that crazy software Blackberry uses, no thanks. My friends with Blackberry's can't stop touching and commenting on the ease of use of my iPhone. And what happens when the RIM servers go down? No email? That sucks.

12. unregistered

how often does the rim server go down? name one time besides last week when they were doing maintenance. and as far as the iphone goes, how about the problems they had getting people activated, phones working, and emails being sent on friday. real reliable.

16. unregistered

Wow for anyone to be dumb enough to not expect some problems with a phone so popular and sought after the first day it's offered you would have to be a complete idiot. Of course there's going to be some glitches the day it releases and people around the world are waiting in line to get one. Great comment.

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