BlackBerry Storm set to launch November 15th

BlackBerry Storm set to launch November 15th
Over on HowardForums, VZW E has reported that the highly anticipated BlackBerry Storm will be available at corporate stores beginning on Nov 15th and the following day at BestBuy locations. Due to the high demand, corporate stores will also be opening 1 hour early during the first week of the release. Unfortunately, pricing is still unknown at this point.

He also posted a screen shot of the Storm's accessories that will be available at launch.



1. unregistered

i still want to know the price!

51. unregistered

I still want to know if they're gonna make good on the crappy Pearl's and give us a rebate!

67. Kezia unregistered

Price determines whether I purchase or not. If more than $300 its a no for me. I can work with my DARE!

74. elgee02 unregistered

Unless you bought your Dare at full retail you wont be eiligible for an upgrade, so for the Storm you will be looking at full retail and I can guarentee you this will full retail well above $300

77. T-Money3000 unregistered


117. unregistered

full retail is going to be around $699

126. unregistered

yep, i had to pay full retail for my env...NOT WORTH IT. belive me if you have a decent phone try to work with it untill your contracts over or buy another phone off ebay. my env was 405$

131. unregistered

i heard retail pricing starting at $149

139. unregistered

Full retail means the unsubsidized if your contract isn't up for renewal yet, or you aren't eligble for your new every two plan yet. The full retail is rumored in the $500-$600 range, while contracted (subsidized) price is flipping back and forth between $0, $99, $149, and $199 (I've seen most all of these on the internet the past couple of months, and these 4 prices seem to be the most widely accepted).

152. unregistered

u r retarded if u paid $405 for a env. full retail price was at $319.99 if that!!! and the env is a great phone. u could never please everybody!

155. unregistered

lol sure Kezia might as well stop dreaming

157. unregistered

its 200 for this week only and then 250

2. vzw fanboy unregistered

thats good the stores are opening 1 hour early. i hope this phone is not more expensive than when the voyager came out. i cant wait to see it.

76. PLEASE HELP unregistered

Ok, i need to get a new phone and i need one from VZW, that has the best e-mail and text messaging capabilities. Ex. on my Q, i have to go to a menu and request that my new emails be sent to me. I want them to come in just like text messages and be ready for me to check them when i look at my phone. I really need help. PLEASE HELP ANYONE WITH BRAINS >_>

81. unregistered

blackberrys will "push" and alert you when you get an email.. just use the set up wizard and it will give you different time intervals that it pushes the emails... the most common is five minutes... so every five minutes it checks and if you have an email it alerts you and its right there on the phone.

89. unregistered

wrong - blackberries receive/push your emails through instantly. There is no wait time. I usually get my email on my blackberry before it even hits my gmail.

96. unregistered

no your wrong, It pings the system every fifteen minutes until it recieves an email and then every five after it recieves an email, then back to fifteen after it has recieved an email within the five minutes

98. The_Real unregistered

Actually you are wrong; Blackberries can be setup in 2 ways, through a BES or BIS. If a Blackberry is through a BES the time interval can be adjusted. If setup through BIS it is carrier dependant. For example T-mobile has set their servers to push out every 15 min. This varies on exactly how quick you will receive your email, anywhere between 5 sec to 20 mins, probability shows that if you get a new email with a 15 min send time you will receive an email on your blackberry in 50% of the time the carrier has set the push.update.time variable, 7.5 mins on average.

118. unregistered

I have the curve and sell for Verizon and I get my E-mails instantly, work and personal. All of my e-mails have came to my blackberry before my actualy e mail. Blackberrys are the best phones for e-mail. In fact I like my Curve more then my voyager and dare

140. unregistered

it's impossible for your email to hit your phone before your email server -- that doesn't even make sense. The way these work is usally (BIS method) - checking the server every couple of minutes (set interval on the phone or provider, depends on phone and provider - this one looks like VZW + Storm = 5sec - 5min interval) for new mail. If you have no mail *on the mail server*, you won't get it on the blackberry. hence, why it's impossible for you to receive e-mail you haven't yet received. For corporate environments (BES method) - the BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) acts as the mail server for your (often) work account - this is what the BlackBerry "syncs" with. The lag you may be experiencing could come from a client that you use (Outlook, Thunderbird, KMail, Evolution, etc), as each of these have intervals they check mail with. If your company/mail server uses POP, there is probably going to be a lag. If IMAP/Exchange, they use the same "Push" technology that the Storm utilizes - email is instantly sent and received by maintaining a constant connection with the server. IMAP is usually (from my experience as an Exchange Administrator) slower at updating the Push data than Exchange.

149. unregistered

im not going to act like i know how it worked, but when i had my 8830 and sent an email to my gmail account, and refreshed the computer non stop, the email was actually on my 8830 about 1-2 seconds before gmail. maybe it was comcast's fault lol

3. unregistered

awesome. I can't wait

4. unregistered

NO WIFI this phone is gonna suck...VZ fanboys open wide VZ is about to BUST...

5. unregistered

wifi is for poor people

6. unregistered

wifi is for TMO customers who have to mooch off their neighbors wifi bc they cant afford internet

14. unregistered

I could see wanting Wi-Fi if you had no other way of accessing the web on this phone. Fact is...You are required to get the data plan on a Blackberry. Wi-Fi is a waste if you have a data plan.

15. unregistered

lmao @ #7..... and with t-mobile's "outstanding" 3G coverage....wifi is defnately needed on all of their devices

20. vzw fanboy unregistered

hahha lol wifi is for poor people, i agree!

39. unregistered

If WiFi is so important why don't they just throw in satellite TV as well? Why not have the ability to start your car remotely too? Or wirelessly play your Xbox Live Arcade games by waving the phone around in the air like a Wii-mote? Cell phones are basically complicated radio transceivers that send and receive transmissions that run using a set of frequencies. Different technologies like CDMA voice, GSM voice, PDC, EVDO, EDGE, HSPA, and HMTS all use different frequencies to send and receive information. When you send and receive information using so many different frequencies they can cause problems if they are not compensated for. Since VZW has the largest 3G network covering most of the U.S. and RIM has already added frequencies compatible with all of the previous , adding in WiFi would not be very cost-effective; the development would take a lot longer and the quality of the finished product might not be as good (it might be as bad as the 3G iPhone, where some users were dropping up to 36% of their calls due to conflicts in switching frequencies from 2G to 3G in areas where they shouldn't be having those problems.) The fact that they can do this much is amazing in itself. There's only so much tech they can cram into a machine that fits in the palm of your hand... Besides WiFi isn't available in a lot of places EVDO is; whatever difference there is in speed doesn't measure up to the fact that if I want that speed I have to stay inside the coffee shop (used as one example of WiFi service area)!

45. unregistered

Wi Fi is extremely important... all 3G networks are way too slow... Sure while on the road you have to deal with the broadband EVDO speeds... But soon there will be wireless access points broadcasting through out most major cities... it would have been an easy and nice feature to add... while you are at home or in a coffee shop it would have made browsing the Internet way more enjoyable... It's a shame they did not add this feature... They are giving the iPhone the upper hand here... #49 nice copy and paste job... Cell phones will be doing lots more after 6 months of the Storms release...

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