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BlackBerry Q10 launches in Pakistan

0. phoneArena posted on 27 May 2013, 23:39

The QWERTY equipped BlackBerry Q10 is now available in Pakistan as Mobilink has the device on its website and in its stores priced at 70,000 Rs. ($710 USD); Ufone is taking pre-orders for the device, although a price is not yet listed on the web site. Sales could be brisk considering that Mobilink's site says that supplies are limited...

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posted on 28 May 2013, 00:10 8

1. BillyG (Posts: 305; Member since: 24 Sep 2012)

there are lots of better smartphones under 710 usd. Q10 is only good for typing emails and bbm, and thats it...

posted on 28 May 2013, 01:16 8

4. StreetNerd (Posts: 836; Member since: 08 Dec 2010)

and for me thats enough....

high end, premium feel, email, browsing, whatsapp, banking app,

currently using the Lumia 920, im not using it much anymore. in the first few weeks it was nice, playing games and installing apps etc now i just email and whatsapp nothing more....

posted on 31 May 2013, 11:21

22. BillyG (Posts: 305; Member since: 24 Sep 2012)

right... because BB is famous for its browser and browsing experience...

btw, wanna see premium? take a look at htc one and iP5

posted on 28 May 2013, 14:39

18. TheBitterTruth (unregistered)

So it does.

posted on 28 May 2013, 00:12 4

2. Jason2k13 (Posts: 1310; Member since: 28 Mar 2013)

this is what everyone is waiting for, the Z10 was in competition with android and iphone while qwerty keyboard Q10 has it's own market and fans.

posted on 28 May 2013, 02:41 2

8. Rehankhan (Posts: 323; Member since: 24 Oct 2012)

i would rather buy s4 then this almost same price

posted on 28 May 2013, 14:37

16. TheBitterTruth (unregistered)

Ok so. Does GS4 has qwerty keypad?
This phone is for qwerty lovers. Mostly for business man

posted on 28 May 2013, 07:37

12. Root.Square (Posts: 2; Member since: 28 May 2013)

For the targeted segment of mobilephone users, the QWERTY featured, higher capacity camera installed, very fluid OS powered Blackberry Q10 - a phone that fits perfectly in the trouser pocket is the option to go. That means the target users uses his phone primarily for business communication ( to make money ).

People who value such a commodity obviously go for a business tool like this irrespective of the quoted price.

I will get this phone as soon as it is available.

posted on 28 May 2013, 08:13

13. Rager722 (Posts: 319; Member since: 30 Jan 2013)

Why the heck is the Q10 taking so long for U.S launch???

posted on 29 May 2013, 15:24

21. apiskula (banned) (Posts: 578; Member since: 25 Jan 2013)

Who cares it sucks anyway!

posted on 28 May 2013, 10:53

14. apiskula (banned) (Posts: 578; Member since: 25 Jan 2013)

Pakistan really? Who wants this junk..oh wait do they even have phone in Pakistan?

posted on 28 May 2013, 13:29 3

15. straywish (Posts: 13; Member since: 03 Dec 2012)

Apiskula first get urself educated then speak.that we have mobile or not......... Pakistan is the first country in South Asia where M.N.P was introduced in cellular networks. And we have 100 million mobile users and growing.
Just for the record i am using Galaxy S4.

posted on 28 May 2013, 19:44

19. apiskula (banned) (Posts: 578; Member since: 25 Jan 2013)

They should ban the both of you for owning Blackberries.

posted on 28 May 2013, 19:47 2

20. TheBitterTruth (unregistered)

Cheap Hypocrite fanboy.

posted on 28 May 2013, 14:38 3

17. TheBitterTruth (unregistered)

PA. You should block him ASAP.

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