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BlackBerry Q10 demo videos released

0. phoneArena posted on 27 Apr 2013, 11:51

BlackBerry has released a series of videos for the BlackBerry Q10 which will be launched soon in Canada and last week T-Mobile decided to do a 180 reversal and offer the phone for its customers; this could be a very good sign for BlackBerry as many potential BlackBerry 10 buyers have been holding back, waiting for a more traditional model with a physical QWERTY keyboard...

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posted on 27 Apr 2013, 11:56

1. james1 (Posts: 97; Member since: 16 Mar 2013)

i wonder how the support for apps would work. does every z10 apps work with the q10 or would developers have to make 2 versions. Also, how many apps does blackberry app world have by now?

posted on 27 Apr 2013, 12:45 1

4. Emily1985 (Posts: 127; Member since: 08 Nov 2012)

They need to adjust them because of the different resolution(like android apps from 720p to 1080p).

posted on 27 Apr 2013, 18:18

5. Xtasy (Posts: 284; Member since: 13 Jan 2013)

The Z10 has a good amount of apps so far. They are getting Skype within the week and have some real nice games as well. Not too sure about the Q10, Checkout Crackberry.com for more info

posted on 27 Apr 2013, 12:24 2

2. straywish (Posts: 13; Member since: 03 Dec 2012)

Q10 seems and will prove far better then z10

posted on 27 Apr 2013, 18:21 1

6. Xtasy (Posts: 284; Member since: 13 Jan 2013)

Q10 is more business and Z10 more for play... I disagree the Z10 is a great device. Only difference is Q10 will have the keyboard and larger baterry but Z10 already has best keyboard on touch screen device on the market. Many times with longer words i don't have to type it all out cuz the phone already figures out what I want to say plus it corrects any errors seamleslly. Truly a dream to have this keyboard. i tried all other touch keyboards and none can even come close to this one. Baterry life last me a full day or more

posted on 27 Apr 2013, 19:04 1

7. henrickrw (Posts: 408; Member since: 16 Sep 2011)

Totally agree. I'm a blackberry power user and will definitely pick up both. The Z10 is a great device and so the q10

posted on 27 Apr 2013, 23:46

8. axllebeer (Posts: 271; Member since: 05 Apr 2011)

Q10, I'm looking at you to make my comeback to BB.

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