BlackBerry Pearl for Verizon/Sprint and 83xx for T-Mobile on May 7

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BlackBerry Pearl for Verizon/Sprint and 83xx for T-Mobile on May 7
The sexy Pearl is going to make its debut on the CDMA market, coming to US’s biggest CDMA carriers (Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCS) at the same time. This is a logical step, after both T-Mobile and AT&T Cingular have been offering it in two color versions. The Pearl has proven as an innovation for RIM and become a hit. May 07 is the date, when the Pearl should launch in CDMA markets.

T-Mobile will get its Wi-Fi capable version of the 8300-series (probably 8320) at the same date. The 8300 series are positioned between the small (Pearl) and the hi-end (8800) devices of the manufacturer. Europe customers will not wait for them, too, as photos of Vodafone version already appeared.

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1. jaime v unregistered

Yea@! I'm getting one as soon as they come out @! come on ! Crackberry+cam+full keyboard+full web broser+inst email! my dram phone! i hope it gets a 2 meg Cam!

2. Matt unregistered

Uh...The pearl does not have a full keyboard. It is Sure type.

3. Brandon unregistered

I have heard nor seen any pictures for this phone, I know they will ne getting that Vzw will be getting the 8830 in mid May but not the Pearl.

4. Brandon Cassatt unregistered

Correction, I need to proof read my posts better. I meant to say VZW will be getting the 8830, but not the Pearl.

5. BlackBerry KNG unregistered

I switched to tmobile for this phone and its great! The camera is not the best, and the media player is real slow. I have played with cingulars 8800 and its great also. Blackberry just needs to step it up and add more multimedia functions. The younger crowds use email they just need a full featured phone this is why it hasn't become as popular as RIM would like.

6. cae unregistered

So will verizon be getting the Blackberry pearl ever?

7. tenderbeef unregistered

serious, i been holding on from jumping ship for a month now. this was all due to rumors of a bb pearl for verizon. anyone please comfirm this....

8. jaime v unregistered

well think about it the phones in other networks like tmobil or at&t used a dif format, our network uses the best brew or data on the phones thats why the menus are reponsive easy to use and features like Mp3 Vznav and even the mobil web are faster cant wait to see this phone . ps theres several rumors that theres going to be a get it now capable Pda & BBerry the pearl may be it!

9. tech guy unregistered

uh the get it now capable pda will be a version of the Q...

10. Dee unregistered

any update on when the verizon is coming out with the pearl?

11. Kristin unregistered

May 14th is the release date for the VZW pearl. It's silver. Google blackberry pearl and it'll come up for you.

12. R unregistered

all i found was that the the 8830 releases on May 14th. Is it still confirmed that the pearl will be released tomorrow, May 7th? If so, will the local Verizon stores be carrying it on that day? Or wiil it only be available online?

13. Pearlizon unregistered

i didn't see that in my google search. can you refer to a link?

14. Pearlizon unregistered

its May 07 and nothing... I guess it is the 14th?

15. jason unregistered

i think we all knew this wasnt coming out on the 7th...just wait a couple of days and there should be an answer as to when the next blackberry is coming to verizon...if we dont hear anything this week(because of WES going on ) then we wont hear anything for a long time.

16. Scott unregistered

I went by the verizon store today and the reps hadn't heard anything about the pearl. The 8830 (cyclone) will be available online on the 14th and in stores on the 28th.

17. Jessica unregistered

I guess it was just a rumor. No blackberry pearl for verizon :(

18. jason unregistered

verizon reps are either the worst informed reps of any wireless company, or they all know how to keep a secret. I will go with the first of the two. I have always gotten different answers from every rep that i ask about upcoming handsets. Anyway, look at and there is a link saying q2 of this year for the pearl....who knows if it is true. I just thought that i would spread what info i have found

19. Pearlizon unregistered

When does the second financial quarter start?

20. Maxint unregistered says Q2... April, May, June

21. Ryan Ellerbe unregistered

I have heard from a good source that Alltel will get the pearl in Q3 , so maybe it will get on Verizon by at least June. June will still be Q2 so we will see.

22. jason unregistered

this has got to be the biggest secret ever kept by any carrier.....bring this phone out already...i think that everyone with a brain knows that a multimedia blackberry will sooner or later come out for verizon, so why not leak some info.....leaked info creates hype...hype creates sales. i want the pearl already.

23. Scea unregistered

I've been hitting the sites every other day in hopes that it's now here. My 2yr old phone is near death (dies after 10mins of use, but revives if turned off for 5mins, only to last another 10mins- this is with a new battery too). If by end of June (if I can hold out that long) it's not available, and there isn't anything comparible out by then, i'll probably jump to another carrier. I like verizon, but other than this phone rumored to come out in their line, none of their other phones appeal to me.

24. The Answer unregistered

I talked to corporate personally; the Blackberry Pearl is not coming to Verizon Wireless. They are making a phone that resembles the Pearl, however it is more likely that it will resemble the Motorola Q more so. Sorry to break your hopes.

25. Lacie unregistered

The Pearl does NOT come out in May '07, it comes out in mid-November '07.

26. Lacie unregistered

"The Answer", Verizon IS getting the Blackberry Pearl. The real thing. November 8, 2007. I don't know what you're talking about.

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