BlackBerry Javelin comes into focus

With no 3G it won't garner the attention of the Bold or Thunder, but the Javelin is shaping up to be a very solid offering...
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20. unregistered

No 3G = No Sale

21. a1016neo unregistered

You say it!

22. unregistered

so the comparison is between the gsm, 2g speed, or the cdma, 3gspeed, with better coverage.. well, lets see here.. oh wait, better coverage and faster, i think ill stick w/ verizon... and get a niagra or thunder :)

23. RyanKing unregistered

Im kind of bummed I like HTC but I wish their was a release of exact date for Jav, Bold (US), and Thunder and not just "Q3"

24. VZW Employee unregistered

I'm definitely sure if Verizon is getting the Niagra phone it would be 3g capable since Verizon prides themselve to be the best 3g company out there. The T-Mobile verison on the other hand maybe something to think about. Most likely since T-Mobile is just now releasing their 3g network and a couple of other new 3g phones the Javelin may be 3g also. Let's just hope T-Mobile doesn't make the mistake of releasing the Javelin on their old Edge network.

26. unregistered

they do? thats pretty funny, b.c theyre the most restrictive one out there and have been beaten to the punch with 3.5g and 4g

35. VZWREP unregistered

we've been beaten to the punch? ummm last time i checked no carrier has launched 4g yet. and 3.5g??? what is that? youre making things up now.

27. Pops unregistered

In the US, T-Mobile was the first carrier to start offering UMA services. UMA has been officially ratified by the 3GPP and has been renamed GAN, or Generic Access Network, though most often the technology is still referred to by the UMA name. Definition of "UMA"

38. unregistered

i cant beleiv some of these posts! 3.5g? 3g on cdma network? are u kidding me do u just make this up as u go. 3g is a gsm only feature evan this site gets it wrong when they give the specs for a cdma phone calling it 3g. if u have a cdma phone its either rev. A or rev. 0
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