BlackBerry Boys commercial shows how RIM's handsets are for everyone

BlackBerry Boys commercial shows how RIM's handsets are for everyone
Taking a page out of the late 90s success of the many boybands making their mark during that time period, there appears to be a group of men dressed up in suits that call themselves the BlackBerry Boys.

If you take a quick peek at the music video, where they show off their slick dance moves and harmonious tunes, they tout at how they can accomplish just about anything with their sweet BlackBerry handsets. In fact, the video comes from Vodafone in India and definitely puts a spin on the long forgotten success of boybands.

Eventually, we find how RIM's products aren't just meant for business people in suits, but rather, for just about a broad mix of people. Still, it's a fairly catchy tune.

via CrackBerry


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1. RIP RIM unregistered

I wished I was there to slap them in the face with the storm 2 I have, I had a Nokia 5800 which is a good phone regardless of its crappy OS, the storm 2 is not a bad phone, but it doesn't stand a fight with today's generation phones out there. In my country the Blackberries are only used to chat and facebook...(what a shame). this phone sometimes is unresponsive, lags a lot, and the battery only last the day. the worst part is that RIM WILL NOT update the OS of this phone... I feel really disappointed from RIM, they just keep updating the phones like 0.25 the speed of their competitors and don't care about their customers, seriously, I have to wait 2-3 minutes to reset the phone?, with a Nokia I just wait a couple secs. and that's it... I think I made a really bad choice when purchasing this "smart", when the Nokia C6-01 or C7 comes out, I'll surely buy it and sell the storm 2...

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