BlackBerry Bold gets priced, dated (CDMA'd?)

Leaked info has the new BlackBerry slated to land on all four major carriers by September...
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14. unregistered

wow this new apple iphone bold QWERTY edition blackberry colour phone looks great . apple is very good at making things unlike copyccatters motorola razr and nokia n95 and lg prada and samsung soul and especially sony ericsson w760i.

15. unregistered

this world would be such a better place without apple and verizon fanboys...

19. unregistered

Yeah it would be full of people that couldn't talk to each other and have dropped calls! I have had sprint and t-mobile and now I have verizon and frankly it is better no question the only thing that I will give you is that they don't have the best taste in phone selections.

20. unregistered

#14- The prada was launched first and then Apple copied the prada phone. There was a law suit about this.

18. unregistered

To #14, what the hell are you talking about with the RAZR, N95, and Prada being copy cats? Who did Motorola copy for their RAZR? What exactly is the N95 copying? Oh and the Prada was out and won design awards before the iPhone even came out.

21. unregistered

T-mobile does NOT suck, and 3G is available in NYC

32. unregistered

ur right ONLY IN NYC.....

56. rajja unregistered

ppl tmobile signal is weak, and wow 3g in only one city.. also there 1700 band is not used anywhere else in the world! So if you leave nyc guess what no 3g and back to edge, cause at&t is a different band. Also they picked up suncom! that entire network is a joke!!! No signal and also no 3g!

22. unregistered

each carrier has their strengths and weaknesses, each person has something they are looking for in a carrier, so discussing stuff like this is never ending, for the benefit of everyone just don't come into a site and put something like "________ sucks"

25. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

I agree with you 100% but Sprint is done, they had there chance to suvrive and they failed

28. unregistered

This site needs a retard forum where fanboys can go and argue about which provider sucks the most. There is only one comment in this whole thread that has ANYTHING to do with the PHONEARENA article "BlackBerry Bold gets priced, dated (CDMA'd?)" Does anyone want to talk about the article? I don't remember the article pushing ANY opinions on which provider blows the most. Pretty sure it was just news. Go argue somewhere else.

29. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

okay about the article, thats great the CDMA companies will get the bold very soon after Att, but the touch screen blackberry is comming to verizon first. I think people will wait for the touch screen one if they have CDMA service, what do u think #31

30. #31 unregistered

I sell VZW so I will for sure be waiting for the touch bb lol. The Bold is a new spin for rim I admit but the touch is totally new and I can't wait to see what rim does with a full touch interface. I have yet to find a full touch phone that I like, they all lack something important here or there. I'm hopefull rim is the company that pulls it all together and keeps the interface intuitive.

40. unregistered

I work for VZW and I have seen the touch BB. The BB rep brought it into work and gave me a sneak peak. Very awesome is all I have to say. The other PDA makers are in for a treat when it comes out. I think it will make the other vendors have to rethink and design thier products.

47. VZWREP unregistered

wow thats a lie. they havent even launched a prototype yet. and another thing manufacturer reps DO NOT come to retail locations EVER. they arent doing business with retail store. they would go to any corporate offices or visa versa for any prototype showing or propositions, please i work for verizon wireless as well and youre completely misrepresenting our company and also our products. DO NOT listen to this person. even if they did have the Thunder prototype reps sure as hell wouldnt see it this early, if anyone were to see it it would probably be the Pres/CEO of VVW (Lowell McAdams)

48. VZWREP unregistered

oops i meant the Pres/CEO of VZW

35. Phone Dude unregistered

It would be so refreshing if the posts here would would be about devices, what you do or don't like about the instead of bickering about which provider you like or dislike. Go to a chatroom if all you want to do is be a child.

36. unregistered

Read the thread before you post. Look at the last 3 comments above yours. Asking people not to bicker below someone who just did is even more redundant than ACTUALLY bickering. In fact, read your post before you post. Is that english? "what you do or don't like about the instead of about"? Go away.

37. unregistered

this phone looks awsome. I'll wait for the Verizon one!

38. unregistered

Good choice

39. unregistered

lucky me i have at&t and verizon (work for att) so ill definately be getting a bold. As for the thunder (touch screen blackberry's name) Ill have to see what its like, because so far I havent been a fan of verizon's blackberry products for some reason.

43. unregistered

T-Mobile sucks? I have no problem in NYC and customer services is great. If I'm in westbumblef*ck w/o reception, i just borrow off AT&T services.

44. unregistered

No you don't. If your in "westbumblef*ck" you borrow a att or vzw phone lol

49. unregistered

yall are arguing over nothing ATT is king and will always be with the iphone, bold first lg vu, shine and the best service of all

50. unregistered

att is what i got with my bb 8310 n i can't wait for the bb bold....used to be on tmobile with da sidekick n i never had reception(btw i live in ny). i agree with poster 1, **** tmobile till they get their ish together..

51. anonymous unregistered

#51 What he may have said about seeing the BB could've been a lie but it is NOT a lie about manufacturer reps visiting retail stores. They DO visit the stores, and some locations more frequently than others if it is closer to their office. A BlackBerry rep dropped by and gave us news and info as well as those dinky curve pens with ink to last you a week. Working with other carriers in the past LG reps, Samsung Reps, and Nokia Reps also drop by the store and they DO demo things that aren't launched yet such as Bluetooths and phones, ex: when the N75 was going to be launched the following month the Nokia rep gave us a sneak peek.

55. MsPhonegalour unregistered

verizon is suppose to also release blackberry thunder 9500 which is full touch screen. i like both phones they need to merge, touch screen and key boardlol iv been wanting a touch screen but i prefer this phone over the full touch screen.
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