BlackBerry 10 nabs a native torrent client app, BitTorque, for $2.99

BlackBerry 10 might be still a toddler, but it actually launched with more apps than any mobile OS out there when it was making baby steps. Add to this a more than decent torrent client now, and things are starting to shape up.

BitTorque offers a laundry list of features, and is built with the latest torrent "trends" in mind. It lets you download torrent files on your BlackBerry Z10, for instance, abd offers a choice of network modes including WiFi-only.

You also get simultaneous torrent downloading,  browser and file manager integration, magnet links, speed limits, DHT support, local peer discovery and encryption. All in all, a pretty rich list for $2.99, and it looks good to boot.

source: BitTorque (BB World) via BerryReview



1. addicted2088

Posts: 58; Member since: Sep 25, 2012

Ah, nice to see we can use torrent apps etc on BlackBerry 10. With such limits as on the multitasking, I was worried it was too locked down an OS like WP or iOS, glad to see that's not the case. Will be interesting to see how BB10 advances over the coming months/years.

5. thealphageek1

Posts: 942; Member since: Feb 02, 2013

There are no multitasking limits on BB10. It is a true multitasking OS. Everything continues to run in the background and/or under the hood. But it's great to see BB10 progressing so nicely.

6. addicted2088

Posts: 58; Member since: Sep 25, 2012

The fact that only 8 apps can run at any one time is itself a multitasking limit for me, as even though most would never need to run so many apps, I quite often do. And from what I hear, BB10 simply kills the 1st of 8 apps when the 9th is opened. That's my question really. What about instant messaging apps? Do they get killed too with just a service left open for incoming messages and are reloaded when we click on a new message? If that is so, then it's like iOS and WP which is a time waster since we have to wait for the app to load again. Plus, once I open the IM app on getting a notification, it will no doubt again count as one of the 8 open apps and kill one of the 8 open apps. I really wish someone could explain just how multitasking is happening on BB10 apart from those 8 running apps. I was excited for the OS but the 8-app limit (on a whopping 2GB RAM) and the thought of having iOS/WP-like multitasking killed it for me.

8. thealphageek1

Posts: 942; Member since: Feb 02, 2013

From what I've been reading, the developer of the app(in this case an instant messaging app)can make it so it is not killed by the OS. So theoretically, an instant messaging app can still run once the 9th app is opened. It will just get "skipped over" and the next app will be "killed". Certain apps already allow for this, like the Nobex app on BB10. I'm pretty certain this will be increased in future updates.

9. addicted2088

Posts: 58; Member since: Sep 25, 2012

Ah, great, if that's the case then it isn't an issue. Even I'm thinking they will increase the limit on how many apps can run later on, but even if they do not, it's okay if the app can continue to run when needed. Guess I'll try out a BB10 device when it launches here in India in March, see for myself, haha.

2. kartik4u98

Posts: 511; Member since: May 19, 2012

Congo BB10 users :-)

4. fur0n

Posts: 82; Member since: Jun 13, 2012

wow my android phone can do all that plus more. I have been able to for years.

7. addicted2088

Posts: 58; Member since: Sep 25, 2012

So has BB7, so has Symbian since many many years, what's your point? BB10 is a completely new OS so of course it is only just beginning to get such apps and do these things. It's great enough that the possibility to do this is there on the first version of BB10, should progress really nicely in the coming months.

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