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Cyber Monday and Fall 2018 deals: Apple, Samsung, Google, Walmart, Costco, and more

Cyber Monday and Fall 2018 deals: Apple, Samsung, Google, Walmart, Costco, and more
UPDATE: Check out our article with the deals for Black Friday at Target for more recent content.

'tis the season to be the owner of a brand-new, shiny smartphone! Black Friday has passed, Cyber Monday is here, and the Autumn sales are going strong!

Of course, every retailer and every manufacturer out there runs their own promos in order to get some shoppers through their own doors. It's very easy to get lost and overwhelmed by all the offers, spam emails, and billboards. So, as far as smartphones and accessories are concerned, we will be doing our best to sort through all of it for you!

Here are all the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Fall deals worth looking forward to and pulling the trigger on!

Note: this post will be updated as more Black Friday smartphone deals become available through November, 2018

Manufacturer stores:

Carriers, retail and online stores:


Samsung's own web store has a bunch of deals on phones, watches, TVs, and any of the other home appliances Samsung makes. Its deals on the Galaxy devices are separated in carrier categories and you will be getting a discount, no matter if you go for an unlocked device, or a carrier-bound one.

The deals are as follows:

Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+

(up to $300 off)

During the Black Friday sales, you will get the best deal on a Galaxy S9 if you go for the Sprint version — that'll be $420 for the phone! If you choose any other carrier, or go for an unlocked edition, it'll cost you $520, which is still $200 off its retail price. If you want to get the S9 with another carrier, but still pay just $420, check out Best Buy's deals below!

The Galaxy S9+  for Sprint will be $540, and $640 for unlocked, AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mo editions.

If you go for a Galaxy Note 9, you will still get the best deal out of the Sprint version, which'll cost $700. Going unlocked or getting it with another carrier will set you back $800.

Worth noting — you can still trade in your old device and get a bigger price slash. Eligible devices can be traded in for anything between $50 and $300, depending on what model you have.

Galaxy Tab S4

($100 off)

Samsung's S Pen-toting Galaxy Tab S4 is not a bad tablet at all and is an OK deal starting at $650. During the Black Friday sales, you'll be able to nab it for $550, for the 64 GB variant, or $650 for the 256 GB edition. 

Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Gear Sport

($70 to $100 off)

If you fancy a smartwatch from Samsung, Black Friday might be a good time to grab yourself a new one.

The newest smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch, will be discounted by $70. That means the 42 mm versions will sell for $260, while the 46 mm models will be $280. Unfortunately, if you choose to go for an LTE-capable Galaxy Watch, the discount is much smaller. The prices will be will be $350 for the 42 mm variant and $370 for the 46 mm model.

The Gear Sport and Gear S3 Frontier will both get a $100 price slash, bringing the price of the Sport down to $180, and the S3 Frontier to $200.

Gear Fit 2 Pro, Gear IconX

($50 off)

The slim fitness tracker and in-ear, activity-tracking earbuds will both be discounted by $50. This brings the Gear Fit 2 Pro's price down to $150, and the Gear IconX to $130.

Fast Charge wireless chargers

($60 off on two-pack)

Wireless charging is a definite convenience and fast charge is doubly so. Samsung will be selling two-packs of its fast-charging pucks for just $40, essentially letting you equip your work desk and bedside table with for $20 apiece.


The biggest shopping weekend of the year kicks off early and Google is one of the first to join the deals craziness that will follow over the next few days with its Black Friday specials.

You can now buy the following Google devices at discounted prices:

  • Google Pixel 3/XL: Buy one, get Google Home Hub and $50 Play credit
  • Save $300 on Google Pixelbook (price down to $700)
  • Save $50 on Google Home Hub
  • Get Home Hub, Home, and Google Wifi, save $130
  • Google Home Mini price slashed to just $25
  • Google Home $50 price cut, price down to $80
  • Google Home Max $50 off, price down to $350. Buy two for $650
  • Chromecast price slashed by $10, down to $25
  • Google Pixel Buds price reduced by $50, down to $110


You can still get yourself a Microsoft Surface Pro 6. No matter which configuration you pick up, you are required to pair it with a Type Cover on checkout. However, you will get a $260 - $330 discount (depending on configuration) on any of the models you pick. The budget-oriented Surface Go tablet is also still available at $50 off, starting at $350. But, again, the Type Cover is a separate buy (not mandatory this time around).


OnePlus is famous for always selling just one phone — its latest model. And, since the OnePlus 6T recently launched, the OnePlus 6 is slowly going the way of the dodo. But it's still around and OnePlus still has it discounted since Black Friday. Presumably, this'll go on until supplies last.

OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 launched earlier this year with a Snapdragon 835, 6 GB – 8 GB of RAM, and 64 GB – 256 GB of storage. Unlike the 6T, it still has a headphone jack, though, you'll have to forget about the under-the-glass fingerprint scanner. Yeah, there are pros and cons, but we do believe it's Black Friday price makes it worthy of consideration.

Beginning November 20, at 3 AM EST (Eastern Time), the OnePlus 6 will be $100 cheaper in the US. This means you'll get the chance to pay just $429 (down from $529) for a OnePlus 6 with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space, or $479 (down from $579) for a OnePlus 6 with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. If you are interested in the OnePlus 6 with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space (normally priced at $629), that model is currently out of stock, so we don't think it's part of this Black Friday deal.

Where? At the OnePlus Store!


Withings makes some of the best hybrid smartwatches around: timepieces that look classic, yet still have plenty of smart functionalities including a heart rate monitor, activity tracking and even notifications.

And now, Withings has kicked off its biggest sale of the year: Withings' Black Fridaydeals are now live.

So what can you get?

  • Withings Steel smartwatch: $80 special price (save $50)
  • Withings Steel HR smartwatch: $126 special price (save $54)
  • Withings Steel HR Sport smartwatch: same price, free premium wristband
  • Withings Body Cardio smart scale: $90 special price (save $60)
  • Withings Body+ smart scale: $70 special price (save $30)
  •  Sleep Tracking Mat: Buy one, get one 50% off
  • Home HD Camera: $80 special price (save $120)
  • Withings BPM blood pressure monitor: $70 special price (save $30)
  • Thermo smart thermometer: $70 special price (save $30)
  • Leather Wristbands: 50% off


Buy an iPhone, get an iPhone XR for free! AT&T has a limited time offer that requires customers to add one new line. Simply buy an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max and receive up to $750 in credits toward the purchase of another one of these iPhones.

AT&T is running a “Gifts of Galaxy” promo, which will offer customers who purchase select Samsung Galaxy smartphones a different gift each day, starting Cyber Monday (the Monday after Black Friday). The gifts are currently a mystery, and will be revealed during their respective day.

What makes this offer enticing is the fact that AT&T is running some deals on those “select Samsung Galaxy smartphones” that will get you those gifts. For example, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and get one 75% off. Plus you can get $200 in credits with eligible smartphone trade in.

Also, when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, Galaxy S9 or S9+, AT&T offers up to $790 in credits toward the purchase of another of these smartphones. These all qualify for the “Gifts of Galaxy” promotion.

Then, there's the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which is available for $60 off. You'll receive the discount in the form of credits, but you must activate the smartwatch on AT&T's network.

Haven't had enough of Galaxy promo offers yet? Well, start a new line with AT&T and you can buy yourself a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ at 50% off. Unfortunately, these models are not part of the Gifts of Galaxy promo.


Deals page

Some of Verizon’s killer Black Friday deals have been live all weekend long, but now that it’s Monday... it’s time for more deals. Big Red bills today as the “most wonderful Monday of the year”, although we’re sad to report the free Moto G6 and $400 off “the best Android phones on the market” offers haven’t made a Cyber Monday comeback.

Still, bargain hunters will be happy to see the evergreen iPhone 6s fetching a measly $5 a month for two years on a device payment plan. There’s obviously no trade-in required and no apparent strings attached, but this is a one-day-only, online-only Cyber Monday promo.

The same goes for a massive Moto Z3 discount from 24 monthly installments of $20 to just $5 payments, amounting to a grand total of $120 for the world’s “first smartphone that can be upgraded to 5G”... using a separately sold (and as-yet-unreleased Moto Mod).

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G7 ThinQ will each set you back $10 a month instead of $29 and $31.25 respectively, with Google’s Pixel 2 XL available for $14.99 a month ($360 overall), down from $35.41 a month ($850 overall).

If you’re looking for something newer, hotter, and faster, you’ll need to make do with $100 markdowns offered on the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Galaxy Note 9, LG V40 ThinQ, Galaxy S9, and S9+ for upgrading Verizon subscribers. Or you can switch to Big Red, add a line, and trade in an eligible device for $300 savings on the same aforementioned high-end phones.

Clearly, those are not very special deals, but a $120 iPhone 6s or Moto Z3 is an absolute steal.


Sprint may or may not merge with T-Mobile soon, but until that happens (or not), the nation’s fourth-largest wireless service provider is obviously doing its own Black Friday thing, heavily discounting some of the newest, most powerful, and most popular smartphones for a limited time.

Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Note 9

You can get Samsung’s Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 for as little as $5, 10, and $20 per month for 18 months through December 2... The discount is applied via bill credits and you need to get your device of choice on Sprint Flex.

Basically, these phones won’t be yours at the end of the 18-month Flex term, but you will be able to own them in exchange for an additional fee, choose to upgrade to a newer and better handset, or continue your lease.

iPhone XR for free

If you sign up for two new lines with Sprint, or upgrade your line and activate a new one, and you lease an iPhone XS, XS Max, or iPhone XR, you will instantly get another iPhone XR to gift to a loved one. Well, it's technically free — its price will be deduced via bill credits over the next 24 months.

LG G7; LG V40 + TV

Sprint also has a couple of promos in store for LG fans. You will be able to grab a brand-new LG G7 ThinQ on Sprint Flex for $15 per month for 18 months. Afterwards, you either return the device, or pay it off for 6 more months.

Next up, the LG V40 ThinQ is not only discounted from $40 to $20 a month with a Sprint Flex lease arrangement, also including a 49-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV at no extra cost. We’re talking a $500-worth freebie here, although you may need to wait a while (up to 8 weeks) until the smart TV arrives on your doorsteps.

Dirt cheap iPhone 7, discounted Apple Watch 4

Apple’s iPhone 7 may be a couple of years old now, but it's still a pretty well-functioning piece of gear. To top it off, it's the last iPhone with an actual metal body all around and it comes in matte black. At Sprint's Black Friday, you can get the iPhone 7 for $4.17 a month on a straightforward device payment plan, which means you’re looking at a grand total of $99.99 to own this robust iOS handset.

To top off the Apple package, Sprint will be cutting the price of the new Apple Watch Series 4 by $100 for new and returning customers.

Cricket Wireless

The Monday after Black Friday is called Cyber Monday and is specifically dedicated to online / tech-related deals and bargains. Cricket Wireless has a very nice Cyber Monday deal in store, which will run all the way to the 20th of December, so you have plenty of time to make a choice.

The carrier will offer the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy A9 at 50% off, which means an S9 will set you back $350 and the midrange A6 will be $170!

The catch is that you will need to be a new customer, switching off of another carrier, in order to get the -50% offer, which is kind of a bummer if you are a Cricket loyalist.


T-Mobile's MetroPCS has a few offers for those that choose to switch to its service from another carrier. Most enticing, probably, is the free set of Apple AirPods you can get. But there are also a few smartphone deals to consider.

Free AirPods

$160 value

In order to get the AirPods for free, you'll have to switch to Metro by T-Mobile, sign up for an unlimited LTE plan, and buy a qualifying iPhone or bring your own iPhone. In case you decide to go for the former, you'll have to buy an iPhone 6s or newer to get Apple's AirPods for free.

iPhone 6s, iPhone XR, iPhone XS

$150 off

If you don't have your own iPhone when you switch to MetroPCS, you can buy one at an instant $150 off. Add that to the $160 value of the free AirPods and you could say we have a $310 discount on our hands!

Samsung Galaxy A6, LG Q7+

down to $99

If you are more of an Android person, you can grab a quality midranger for just $100 with a new unlimited MetroPCS plan. These are down from $329 and $359 respectively. If you are an existing customer, you can these as a BOGO offer. As long as you add one more line to your service, you can buy one of these phones and get another one entirely for free.

Best Buy

Best Buy has had a history of offering some pretty great deals at Black Friday, so it should definitely be on your radar. The company emphasizes that its customers should download the Best Buy app and also get registered for a My Best Buy Rewards program, which will both speed up their digital checkout and also open up a reward points pool for them. Most Best Buy locations will open on Thanksgiving Thursday at 5 PM and close at 1 AM on Friday. Then, they will open up again at 8 AM on Friday to welcome all the deal hunters and shoppers.

Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 9

$200 - $300 off

Grab a Galaxy S9 from Best Buy and activate it with Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, and you will get an instant $300 price deduction, making it a $420 flagship. If you activate an S9+, it'll be $540.

Alternatively, you can get a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ unlocked, but they will only be marked down by $200, which'll make their respective prices $520 and $640.

The same goes for the super-charged Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Activate it on one of the 3 carriers Best Buy works with and its price will drop to $700 for you. Or get it unlocked for $800.

Samsung Gear 360 (gen 2)

Samsung's second generation of Gear 360 camera is available at 50% off. This one is a great quality spherical camera that can pair with any mobile device, not just Samsung phones, so it's worth a look if you are in for some action or VR camera shots.

Apple Watch Series 3

$229 - $259 ($50 off)

Yeah, the Apple Watch Series 4 is out and it's cool, but it's a bit costly. If you just got yourself a brand-new iPhone XS, you may be looking for a timepiece that's not going to cost the arm you intend to put it on. Take a look at a Series 3 Watch! They are still not too bad, and it seems they are about to get a $50 slash at a lot of retailers.

Here, we have Best Buy's brochure, listing a 42 mm Apple Watch Series 3 at $259 and a 38 mm version at $229 during the holiday sales. Not too shabby!

Google Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL

$200 - $400 off

If you buy a Verizon-locked Pixel from Best Buy, you are going to get a rather generous discount through your monthly installment plans over the next two years. The Pixel 2 XL will save you $400 in total, meaning the phone itself will end up costing you $450. Not a bad deal, not one bit, considering it's still a snappy device, has an outstanding camera, no notch to speak of, and will get regular updates from Google for 2 more years.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will net you a $200 discount each via monthly bill credits, meaning you can get yourself a Pixel 3 for $600 and Pixel 3 XL for $700, which sounds a lot better than their regular prices (*ahem $800 and $900).

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

$260 - $300 off

Getting Microsoft's latest-generation tablet-puter from Best Buy will net you a nice $260 - $300 discount, depending on which configuration you get. Oddly enough, the different models may or may not come bundled with a pen or keyboard, so be sure to check twice. What we can tell you is that the i5 – 8 GB – 128 GB variant will come bundled with a keyboard case and will be discounted by $260, bringing its final price down to $800. Surely, that's not cheap, but it sure does sound like a lot of bang for your buck, especially if you are still hesitant about that expensive iPad Pro...


The biggest department store chain in the US promises us "the best Black Friday yet". Walmart's Black Friday deals will kick off at 10 PM on Wednesday, the 21st of November. On Thursday, the 22nd, there will be a party set up for Walmart customers, taking place between 4 PM and 6 PM. At 6 PM, Walmart's own mobile app will get updated with Black Friday maps and a "checkout" feature, which will help you find a Walmart worker anywhere in the store to checkout with,instead of lining up for the cash register. 

iPhone with Straight Talk

$100 - $300 discounts

Grabbing an older iPhone model with a Straight Talk prepaid service can net you a discount on the phone. The price slashed depends on what type of iPhone you shoot for — the newer iPhone 8 models are only $100 off, while an iPhone 7 will get you $300 in savings.

Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9

$100 - $ 200 off

Want to grab yourself an Infinity Display jewel of technology? No worries, Walmart has a deal for you as well! The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9+ are currently on sale for $100 off and $200 off, respectively. These are unlocked models, no contract shenanigans. That means $495 for the S8 or $640 for the Galaxy S9+. Not bad!

Black Friday at Mobile Fun

Accessory store MobileFun has joined the fray and it sure has a ton of stuff to offer. You know, only about 600 discounted items. There are tons of cases over there and you can hop on the website and filter the deals by phone brand, if you want to grab a new case or 10. But here are a few accessories that we also found very interesting:

Samsung Gear 360

$85.99 (from $267.99)

Link to page

This is the first-generation Samsung 360 camera. It still makes great photos and videos and is a viable choice in 2018 for sure and is definitely a bargain for $86 if you are interested in wide-angle or spherical shots.

The problem with the first gen rameras was that they only sync to Samsung phones — something that the company realized was a mistake and fixed with the Gear 360 2. Here's a secret — a good developer out there has made a Gear 360 for All app, which should, in theory, allow you to sync the Samsung Gear 360 to any Android phone.

Samsung Wireless Charger

$37.49 (from $64.49)

Link to page

At the Samsung store, you can buy two Fast Wireless charger pucks for the price of one. But what if you only want one charger?

MobileFun has the official Samsung Wireless Adaptive Fast Charging Stand for exactly 50% off, so there you go!

Withings Activité Blue

$32.49 (from $128.49)

Link to page

Withings is well-known for its "hybrid smartwatches" — they look like classic timepieces, but have modern sensors and functions, like fitness tracking and vibration for phone notifications. This here is an older model, but if blue happens to be your color, the price is hard to beat.

Amazon Echo and Fire

Amazon device discounts

Amazon is a huge, huge retailer and it will no doubt have a mind-numbing amount of discounted items once Black Friday rolls about. But, right now, the company has officially slashed the prices of its own Echo and Fire devices.

We’re talking pretty much the full range of Echo smart speakers, as well as a number of different Fire TV models and quite a few Fire tablets. The “all-new” Echo Dot and Echo Plus, which were barely unveiled a couple of months ago, headline this impressive list of actual Black Friday offers with decent $26 and $40 discounts respectively.

Meanwhile, the second-generation “regular” Echo, which is a little over a year old now, will go $30.99 off list to a more than reasonable $69, with the Echo Spot looking at a $40 price cut, and the Echo Dot Kids Edition getting a $20 discount. Those not yet swayed by the Google Home Hub’s superior affordability can look forward to a $50 markdown on the latest Echo Show variant to wrap up the deals on Amazon’s extensive Echo family.

As far as tablets go, bargain hunters will not have an easy mission choosing from a $30 Fire 7 (down from $50), $50 Fire HD 8 (with $30 savings), and $100 Fire HD 10 ($50 off), all of which come integrated with the Alexa voice assistant.

If there’s anything left in the old bank account, it’s probably not a bad idea to spend a measly $35 on a Fire TV Stick 4K with an “all-new” Alexa voice remote, especially with free shipping provided sans requiring a minimum purchase account. Just keep in mind these promotions will be live on "various dates and times between November 16 and November 23."

Various deals across the Web

Mujjo cases and sleeves

25% off on all articles

Case maker Mujjo is known for its collection of premium leather protection cases for the iPhone, Galaxy S series, as well as MacBooks, Surface laptops, and iPads. The company will have a portfolio-wide discount between the 22nd and 26th of November on its own e-store In order to get the discount, you need to use coupon code #25off, so don't forget it! This promo ends with Cyber Monday!

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Deal page

A measly $144.99 will get you the dark grey timepiece in “new other” condition on eBay, which may sound a little sketchy at first. But believe it or not, the units on sale right now at a new all-time low price are backed by a 1-year warranty from the same top-rated seller that still charges $130 for a “new other” Gear Sport.

Quick Ship Electronics describes the item in this $144.99 listing as fully functional, powering on with its factory settings restored, and shipping nationwide (for free) with all its original accessories included. The packaging might be “slightly distressed”, but other than that, you shouldn't be able to tell this isn’t an entirely new device.

Keep in mind that the refurbished Gear S3 Classic units sold by a trusted third-party Amazon retailer for $160 a pop last week only came with a 90-day warranty, and the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier refurbs available at $170 last month from A4C were pretty much in the same boat.

Meanwhile, Samsung and Best Buy are still asking $200 for all-new Gear S3s, and the price could well go up after Cyber Monday.

It’s perhaps needless to say Quick Ship Electronics only has a “limited quantity” of the Gear S3 Frontier available on eBay at $144.99, with a 46 mm case, both Android and iOS compatibility, a black silicon band, beautiful Super AMOLED display, built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, NFC and MST for Samsung Pay support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, both a mic and a speaker, as well as IP68 water and dust resistance.
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