Bill Gates is a fan of Apple Pay, hints at fingerprint scanners coming to Windows Phone?

There has been a lot of discussion about Apple Pay ever since the announcement last month, and debate over whether or not it'll be good. Of course, that debate mostly exists because the service hasn't been released yet, and no one knows exactly how it will perform. Either way, it seems Apple Pay has a fan in an unlikely source - Bill Gates...
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23. StraightEdgeNexus

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Lte in us? Lmao, Sit down grandpa.

16. nodes

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They know how to implement things the right way, and the easiest way. Everybody has the idea, everybody wants to be first in everything, but implementation that matters the most, and it needs time.

27. The-Sailor-Man

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iBS. iMyth

26. The-Sailor-Man

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No. Apple didn't make anything mainstream. The menial media worshiping everything Apple make, did it. See even this article. Pathetic ROTFL Other OEMs made many mainstream things that the menial media ignore ; Big screen phones, small screen tablers, one-hand functions, multi-windows, wacom-pen tablets, NFC, dropping settings meny, watterproof......

28. The-Sailor-Man

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Not Apple. The media makes everything what Apple make to look like mainstream. And repeating that every day, often become truth. See even this article.LOL Now imagine if Samsung was the first(and you they could) that put last year this useless(for now) 64 bit chep? What would be the meidia reaction???LOL

13. arenanew

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38. elitewolverine

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wait for it.... Dary

31. Georgenexus

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i have an ipad air,nexus 5,Windows 8.1 PC.yay! i am neutral.

39. giumikesch

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he found a simple way to spend his money
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