Best stocks monitoring apps and widgets for Android

Apart from a few turbulent events in the past few years, the stock market, and especially so tech stocks, have performed admirably bringing investors neat profits on their investment.

If you have your money in stocks, you might want to keep track of the stocks or portfolios that you have on your Android smartphone. A good way to do so is often through the official app of your broker, where you can also trade stocks. It might not be the best way, though: there is a number of great apps that focus solely on tracking the state of stocks, markets and portfolios.

Often coming with a much more modern and convenient design language, these are our favorite apps and widgets to monitor your stocks on Android. Take a look and do not hesitate to let us know about your favorite apps in the comments section at the bottom.


Price: Free (subscription fee for large-scale traders)
Download on Android

Ticker is a Material Design-adherent, ad-free, smooth and fast running app with great widgets. You can add multiple portfolios, watchlists and keep an eye on them in detail with very convenient, easy to decipher charts.

My Stocks Portfolio

Price: Free ($3.99 in-app purchase to get rid of ads)
Download on Android

Another great stock monitoring app with a particularly useful widget, My Stocks Portfolio shines when you pay the $3.99 required to get the app rid of the annoying in-app ads. It is fast, accurate (with quotes received from major servers that you can pick from, we picked Google's), has a bird's eye view of your portfolio, separate stocks and all is done tastefully with appropriate font sizes and material design chops.


Price: Free
Download on Android

StockTwists is - as the name implies - Twitter filtered brilliantly for stocks and the news around them. With a particularly useful trending feature, where you can see all the buzzing stocks in a particular moment, it also provides insightful comments in a timely manner so that you can make an informed decision about your stocks holdings. A completely free app, StockTwits is not spoiled by nasty in-app purchases.

Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts

Price: Free
Download on Android

If you need to track stocks in real time and not with the delay that most apps get their stock data, this one particular app gets the job done. It's not particularly elegant: design-wise it looks ancient and it's not particularly convenient to use, but it is functional.


Price: Free
Download on Android

RobinHood is not a stock monitoring app (you can use it for that as well), but it's worth a separate mention. It's a US stocks trading platform that does away with hefty trading fees.


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