The App Store turns 10, here's a trip down memory lane from Docs to Go to Tinder

The App Store turns 10, here's a trip down memory lane from Docs to Go to Tinder
Today is the App Store's 10th anniversary (it launched July 10th, 2008), and research firm App Annie has gathered a compendium of the most popular apps on iOS throughout the years, both free and paid. Getting to the bottom of it required sifting through the huge database of the app marketers, so, without further ado, we present you some of the key findings:

App Store vs Google Play

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but iOS devs can afford rents in the Vallery, while Android ones, whose apps enjoy much more downloads, are scraping the bottom of the revenue barrel, and just one look at this chart will tell you why.

US is the largest iOS spender, 'Murica!

Ever wondered why a lot of iOS apps or Apple services first get released in the USA, and then rolled out globally or stay exclusive? Well, collectively, Americans are the biggest iOS spenders, throwing $36 billion at Apple's virtual app store during its lifetime. China isn't far behind, though, and will probably soon surpass the US as the largest app market for Apple.

Top apps, top games, top dollar

App Annie ranked the all-time most popular apps and games for iOS by the number of downloads, and revenue, too. As you can see, subscription services like Netflix, Spotify, and even Tinder, bring the big bucks for Apple when it comes to apps, yet games account for the whopping 70% of the App Store revenue, play on!

A trip down Memory Lane

Last but not least, here is the promised timeline of the most popular apps in the years 2010-2018 (2014 will shock you!). We kid, but it's heartwarming to observe Talking Tom Cat and Documents to Go occupying first places in 2010 - retro mania indeed.

source: AppAnnie


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