Best of the Best! Ultimate custom Android home screen Battle Royale

Hi everyone and welcome to the Best of the Best edition of our "Amazing custom Android home screen" series! Over the last 10 weeks, we've received hundreds of beautiful home page layouts, and we did our best to sort out and display the finest entries for your viewing pleasure. 

You've elected 10 champions who will now battle for your vote one last time. After the virtual dust settles, we will find out who is the ultimate Android customizer among our readers! As this is the last post for our first season, the voting will close at 01:00 AM CDT on Tuesday (April 18), and we'll announce the results later that day. 

Before we begin, we need to give props to the last entrant who will join the elite club in the final competition. Our reader Scott managed to clinch the top spot for week 10 by netting nearly 27% of last week's vote. You can see the custom layout of his LG G6 displayed to the right.

With that, let's move on to the Grand Final! We've got 10 truly excellent custom Android masterpieces for you, so take a good look before you cast your vote. Let's go! 


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