Best new icon packs for Android (November 2015) #2

Changing the icon pack of your Android device and giving the UI a fresh new look is as easy as 1-2-3. There are just a couple of prerequisites that need to be met - you need a launcher that supports such a cosmetic overhaul, be it a custom or a stock one, and, of course, an icon pack that grasps your attention.

If you've stuck around with us for the past nine months or so, you've certainly stumbled upon our bi-weekly column that intends to present to you fresh new icon packs for Android. They are shiny, they are eye-catching, they are worthy of being installed on your device, and most importantly, they're plentiful!

Come hell or high water, we don't intend to "give the boot" to our new icons posts every two weeks. This week is no different by any means - simply scroll down and you will find the noteworthy spic-and-span icon packs that have stormed the Play Store during the last fortnight.

Flat Retro

Download ($0.99)

We will never get tired of retro icon packs, and Flat Retro is a pretty staggering representative of the kind. Its square-ish, sophisticated icons come with slightly washed-out colors; all in all, it is one of the very best retro icon packs we've seen so far this year.


Download ($1.20)

This icon pack is arguably the best-looking one we've come across recently. It's flat, it's minimalist, it's beautiful, it's everything one could be wishing for.

Morning UI 

Download ($1.08)

It might not be the icon pack with the largest total tally of available icons on board, but Morning UI is certainly a notable new addition to the Play Store. It's hard not to like the roughly 200 icons that are included in it so far, as they are quite eye-pleasing and fit a large scale of home screen themes.

Gradation Color

Download (free)

A little bit more different than your regular icon pack, Gradation Color is certainly a curios newcomer that employs vivid and minimalist icons. While it might not be just anyone's cup of tea, the icon pack is certainly worth checking out.

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