Best new icon packs for Android (January 2016) #2

"Custom icon packs" and "Android customization" are two terms that undividedly go together. It's rather hard to imagine that one can spice up their Android device without throwing in one of these. 

If you've been sticking around, you've most certainly encountered one of our regular columns, namely the bi-weekly one that showcases all the new and noteworthy icon packs for Android. Yes, we've been scouring the Play Store for new icon suites and sifting the wheat from the chaff.

Changing the icon pack of your Android device and giving the UI a fresh new look is as easy as 1-2-3. There are just a couple of prerequisites that need to be met - you need a 3rd-party launcher that supports such a cosmetic overhaul, and, of course, an icon pack that grasps your attention.

Here follow the notable new icon packs that grasped out attention. Make sure to check out our previous picks in the timeline right beneath the last gallery.


Download ($1.29)

This icon pack comes with more than 2,500 icons and 175 wallpapers inside, which all look quite nice. We included EMperia in this pick because they not only look good with their distinct design, but also due to the good bang-for-buck you get out of it - after all, you get 2,500 icons for a little over a dollar. That's a nice deal if we've ever seen one. 


Download ($0.99)

Nuance is another good-looking icon pack that got our attention. It comes with 1,336 high-res icons on board, as well as numerous cloud-based wallpapers. All of the on-board icons are round-ish, with a design language that is not unique but certainly standing out. We like.


Download ($1.78)

Wow, PHIX RÉTRO really is something else. These icons might not suit just anyone, but we really like their appearance. This subdued vintage icon pack has some 1,100 icons aboard, as well as a large number of high-res wallpapers to complement the icons. Consider giving it a try if you're looking for a nice icon pack.

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