Best new iPhone, iPad apps for January 2020

Best new iPhone, iPad apps for January 2020
While the Games section of the App Store had plenty of new offerings for the month of January, the situation is very different when it comes to regular apps. It seems like most developers are focused on finding new ways to make you watch apps or purchase “coins” than they are looking to create an app that will be useful in any way.

Still, we managed to find a few apps that were released in January and are worth checking out. Better yet, this month’s pickings are all free apps so nothing is standing in the way of giving them a try.

Byte - creativity first

Byte can be best described as a TikTok clone. You can browse short, looping videos from different categories or create your own if you want, nothing ground-breaking here. So why would you go for Byte instead of the real thing? Well, for one, you might prefer to be an early adopter and if the app takes off, you can smugly say that you’ve been on it before it was cool.

Another good reason is that you like the short-video format but you won’t touch TikTok with a ten-foot pole. You know, because of the implications.

Either way, it’s a good option if you want to kill time with mindless scrolling interrupted by the occasional slight chuckle.

Find My Headphones & Earbuds!

In our modern world, the solution for one problem often causes another to arise. We’re gradually getting rid of all sorts of cables and wires and that’s great, but among other issues that come with wireless technology is a very basic one: misplaced devices can be hard to locate without a tether leading to them.

This is where Find My Headphones & Earbuds! comes in. The app helps you locate your AirPods by measuring the strength of the Bluetooth signal. It works not only with any other wireless headphones, of course, but all sorts of Bluetooth devices as well. 

Adapt — Revision Timetable

College exams are no joke and your grades can determine how competitive you’ll be on the job market once you graduate. That’s why it’s important not only to study hard during the semester but also to revise everything before the exam. And with Adapt that’s easier than ever.

The app helps you create a plan to revise everything you’ve studied before your exams and keep track of your progress. It can even automatically readjust your schedule in case you weren’t able to go through certain topics.

You can also schedule tasks outside the scope of your subjects, and you’ll get reminders for them as well. If you want to bring some order and efficiency into your studies, Adapt - Revision Timetable has the tools you need.


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