Best new apps for Android and iOS (March 31st – April 6th)

Best new apps for Android and iOS (March 31st – April 6th)
Hello there, app hunters! March has finally rolled away and with it – 4 weeks of new apps. If you wish to see our pick of best new apps for March, go ahead and check this article. If you are on top of that and craving some fresh new offerings for your Android or iOS mobile device, go ahead and proceed here for the best new apps that we've managed to get our hands on this past week. Feel like we missed some mindblowing offering? Don't hesitate to let us know, as we will be sure to find a way and put them in the spotlight.

So, we've got some interesting apps for the two most popular platforms this week and, surprisingly, very few of them have anything to do with photo editing. So, delve in and let us know which ones you liked!

Let's start with new apps for both iOS and Android


Download (free): Android | iOS

Facebook's Vine-esque app that takes things a step further and allows others to develop your videos further. Basically, you post a short clip and give it a tag. Others (not just your friends, but basically anybody) can "respond" to the clip by recording themselves. The service will automatically stitch clips together. So, this app could potentially lead to some of the most awesome video content on the Internet, but there's also the danger of becoming a nest for the most boring clips ever – get that imagination engine running!

File transfer by Infinit

Download (free): Android | iOS

A pretty great file sharing and transferring tool, which has versions for Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac PC. It's free, fast, and looks really nice to boot!

New for Android


Download (free)

A pretty standard hardware monitoring app, which manages to adhere to Google's Material Design pretty nicely and just manages to present its information in that good, flat, modernistic look. The developer promises further updates, such as widgets, so if you don't have a monitoring app, but are thinking about getting one – you might as well hop on the development wagon of this one and watch it as it grows.

AppSlinger – Best Free Apps

Download (free)

You're here for the new apps, right? Well, what about new games? AppSlinger is here to constantly monitor Play deals and alert you when an interesting one pops out – and by “interesting”, we mean free. We assume that the developer may be wishing to expand the functionality to scan for apps, too, due to the name and description on the page. However, for now, AppSlinger will find games for you and introduce them in Tinder-esque card fashion. It is supposed to learn your preferences and do better with every new offering.

KX Music Player 

Download (free)

A clean music player with EQ, Bass boost, and Virtualizer built-in. If you are one of these people that need to tinker with the equalizer settings of your phone, you may find the easy access to this app's sliders to be your friend.

New for iOS

Breaking Bad: Call Saul 

Download ($0.99)

No doubt, AMC's Breaking Bad is one of the most successful TV shows in recent history. Its absence may be painful, but at least it's been succeeded by the “Better call Saul” spinoff, which focuses on the cheeky lawyer's story before the original series launched. Well, if you happen to be a diehard Breaking Bad / Saul fan, this app will let you “call” the cheeky lawyer. You will be able to converse with him (you'll be played back a combination of memorable Saul quotes, supposedly based on what you are actually saying), record the call, and store it for future replays / sharing with fellow BrBa fans.

Office Lens

Download (free)

An offering by Microsoft, Office Lens is all about taking a picture of whatever document / sketch you are looking at and converting it into a digitally editable note – much like the Photo Note function that was introduced with the Galaxy Note 4. Microsoft's offering can turn the images you capture into Word, PowerPoint, or PDF files, or just instantly upload the photos to OneDrive and OneNote. A great little app for professionals or students.


Download (free)

A simple app, which aims to help you easily crop and mix videos together as well as add a soundtrack and instantly share to Vine / Instagram.

Blur Tool

Download ($0.99)

Does your photo editor of choice lack the bokeh effect to create a really blurred scene? Well, this app can help. The app doesn't do much else than blurring, so it may be questionable whether you'd want to spend $1 on it, but still – it's simple, works in both “draw” or “fill with effect” modes, and is capable of blurring you beyond recognition.

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1. aahmed215

Posts: 169; Member since: Jun 18, 2012

I downloaded Infinit yesterday. It was just what I was looking for. I use a Macbook, iPhone, and Galaxy phone so being able to transfer files between all three devices wirelessly is great. There's no size restrictions in this app.

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