Best new Android widgets (November 2015)

The time has come to show you some of the best widgets that have ventured to the Google Play Store during the past two weeks! As you have probably noticed, we have been running this bi-weekly column for some time now. As a result, we have formed a pretty good understanding on how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Although not every Android user makes full use of them (as it's entirely optional), the home screen widgets that are natively supported by Google's OS are one of its fundamental functionality features. In general, widgets are "miniature application views that can be embedded in other applications (such as the home screen) and receive periodic updates", and are usually regarded highly by the Android community.

It goes without saying that if you take away Android's widget support, you are essentially stripping it away of one of its defining features. And we don't want to do this, do we? On the contrary, we want to regularly present to you the best and most noteworthy new widgets that get released on the Play Store. As it's rather hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, we do the hard work for you and show you all the new widgets that you should know about once every two weeks.

Retro Widgets 

Download ($0.99)

This one requires you to have Zooper Widget installed. Retro widgets, as the name suggests, offer a handful of sophisticated vintage-looking widgets for your home screen that will truly improve the looks of your desktop. 

Weather Zooper Widget 

Download ($1.05)

This minimalist skin for Zooper Widget Pro is of the whole-screen type and comes with a large selection of templates. You need to simply have the two installed and customize it to your liking.

8-bit Clock Widget 

Download ($0.99)

Old school graphics have been trendy lately, with a majority of pixelated games and apps storming all app stores. The same applies to widgets as many of the new ones exhibited that late 80s pixelated vibe. 8-bit Clock Widget is such a tool; as it's name suggests, you are presented to a cool-looking retro widget that employs the easily-discernible style.

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