Best new Android widgets (July 2015)

If you're a dedicated Android fan and not making full use of widgets, then you're totally not using the full potential of Google's platform. See, if we take away widgets out of the feature bag, we are easily stripping it from one of its defining features.

Certainly, a lot of widgets arrive on Google Play daily. Sifting the wheat from the chaff is pretty hard, even if you are a fan of customization. That's why we do the hard work for you and provide you with a curated selection of all the best new widgets that arrive on Android every two weeks or so.

This week is no different, as the fortnight's dosage of Android widgets is here. Scroll down and check out the notable new ones that you shouldn't miss at all costs.

ADKalc Widget

Download (free)

Thanks to this customizable widget, you can display whatever note you want on your homescreen. For example, you can make it display your battery level or, as the developer claims, something completely useless like "sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, factorial, absolute value, is_prime, num_factors, signum, floor, round, logarithms, and random". Whatever floats your boat, we guess.


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Widgeter is, simply put, a collection of various functional Zooper widgets for your Android device that aim to boost your productivity. They are all minimalistis and pretty good-looking interface skins. There's a grand total of 55 different widgets available for free in Widgeter; note that you'll need Zooper Widget Pro.


Alien Widget

Download (free)

Thanks to this widget, you can easily browse your favorite Reddit subreddits straight from the homescreen of your Android device. The widget works with a handful of Reddit clients, notably reddit is fun, Reddit News, BaconReader, Sync, as well as your web browser. The widget can be resized and customized with a different theme; you can also have a different widget for your different subreddits.

MP3 Player

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You most probably have an MP3 player on your Android device. MP3 Player, a fairly new app, also comes with a proprietary widget that allows you to fully control the app straight from it.

PushOn Widget

Download (free)

Provided that you have Zooper Widget Pro, you can snatch this skin for free and put a pretty interesting, transparent widget on your homescreen. The included Zooper skins are thoroughly customizable and consist of an analog clock, calendar with icon/temperature text, and various others.

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