Best new Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps of the week

Best new Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps of the week
Let’s start the week with a set of fresh new applications. Apple’s App Store reached 900 000 entries and Google Play is trailing it closely, so you might find it a bit hard to find all that’s new and noteworthy. That’s why we are cherry-picking the best new arrivals and this week we’ve included some neat Window Phone apps as well.

The biggest news was of course the launch of Microsoft’s Office Mobile on iPhone, so you could finally view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on an iDevice. On the Android front, we got CPU-Z, a brilliant system information app that has long existed for desktop platforms.

Windows Phone caught up with 6Sec, an application that feels like Twitter’s Vine, allowing to capture and share 6-second video clips. There is more good stuff right below. As always, feel free to add in your suggestions for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps!


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