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Best new Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps of September 2015


And just like that September is behind us. It brought us an avalanche of new phones: new Galaxies, new iPhones and new Nexus phones, but along with the devices comes an even stronger set of new apps that you should not miss.

We take a look back at the best new apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone that were released in September 2015 with just one rule: no matter what the app does, it should run well and look good. Take a look at our selection right below.

Android and iOS:

Google Keep

Download on Android | iOS (new for iOS)

Google Keep is a notes app that emulates the look of colorful sticky notes, and it's a really simple notes app that works on both mobile and desktop, syncing effortlessly across all devices. Its clever color system (you have eight colors of notes to choose from, and you can have, say, red notes for personal stuff, green for to-dos, and so on) allows you to quickly sort through and filter messages, and in addition to all that you can also easily attach images, add text labels, share notes with your contacts and copy notes to Google Docs.


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Banks charge hidden fees and use unfair exchange rates when you transfer money, so a significant portion of what you are sending goes to the bank. TransferWise is built around the idea of charging a fair exchange rate - not the artificially low exchange rate that your bank charges - for your transfers to save you money. It's an easy and straightforward interface and will be particularly useful to those sending money regularly abroad.

French Lessons by Frantastique

Download on iOS | Android

Frantastique provides daily personalized French lessons. Personalized French Content: Frantastique lessons are based on your needs, your requests, and your level. You’ll come across professional scenarios, a variety of accents, exercises and plenty of humor. 10 to 15 minutes daily is all it takes. Every day, you'll come across different accents, songs, and films in addition to original stories and texts.

Google Street View

Download on Android | iOS

Google's Street View application brings the well known immersive 360-degree view of a huge part of the inhabited (and sometimes, wild) world in a faster and easier to use wrapper. With a more convenient map mode for browsing roads and with the option of uploading video from the nascent category of 360-degree cameras, Street View is an app for both explorers and image creators.

Microsoft Send

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Send is a Microsoft Garage program that allows you to use the existing email infrastructure to... text. Imagine email with no subject lines and no long forms to fill: just type and send. The cool thing about Send is that unlike messengers like Skype, Whatsapp, or Viber, each of which has its own user base, practically everyone uses email so you know that your message will get through.


Download on Android

Mirrativ is another streaming app, but this time it is made with the idea to easily stream any and all kinds of content including gaming. The app comes with the option to interact with viewers in real time and build up your own audience.

Bing Ads

Download on Android | iOS

With Bing Ads you can check how your web ads are doing: check performance data on impressions, spend, conversions, clicks, click-through rates (CTR), average cost-per-click (Avg. CPC) , average position (Avg. Pos.), cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS), and conversion rate (Conv. Rate).

BuzzFeed News

Download on Android | iOS

BuzzFeed is the clickbait poster child of current Internet times, but its recent news section is a totally different story. Live reports from the frontlines in Ukraine - check. First look in Twitter's new offices - check. Deep analysis on why Russia went all-out in Syria - check. Trying to escape the clickbait image, BuzzFeed proves it can rank high among the new newsy media like Vox, Ozy, Digg, Quartz and so on, and that is why it is somewhat comforting to see the BuzzFeed News section arrive to our mobile devices as an app.


Android Pay

Download on Android

Android Pay is the simple and safe way to pay with your Android phone at over one million store locations across the US (and soon in apps). To set it up, just add your credit and debit cards. When you're ready to pay, simply unlock your phone, hold it near a contactless terminal, and you're good to go. You don't even need to open the app. 


Download on Android

Cocktailer is a simple and straightforward app with cocktail recipes for you to discover and try making. It features a cool material design with colorful visuals and simple descriptions. Keep in mind that the application is currently in Beta, but it is one of the more likable cocktail apps around.

Minimal To Do

Download on Android

Minimal todo is a very light and useful app, allowing you to add todos easily and quickly. It follows the Material guidelines completely and the source code is freely available on Github.

Moto Body

Download on Android

Moto Body tracks your activity, offers personalized insights, and keeps you moving with daily progress notifications to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Now you can view your daily progress in one place on your watch — including Heart Activity, steps, and calorie burn. The Moto Body companion phone app graphs your weekly, monthly, and yearly Heart Activity, steps, and calorie burn data to help you analyze your trends over time. Plus, it offers personalized insights, tips, and helpful articles.


Download on Android

MovieDay is a movie list and countdown app which lets you keep track of any movie you want to watch and have already seen. It focuses on using a beautiful user interface with vibrant colors, fluid animations, and a down to the second countdown timer. Each movie is personalized with it's own colors and a countdown timer to let you know when the movie is coming out.


Download on Android

Weak passwords are easy to break. Strong passwords are hard to remember. We all suffer from trying to find a balance between the two in an age where passwords are hacked regularly. PixPass is an attempt to break the monotony of remembering passwords. PixPass unlocks the power of your images to generate cryptographically strong passwords. Best of all, PixPass is also a keyboard, so you can pull it up whenever you need it, without fumbling through your phone.


Slash Keyboard

Download on iOS

Slash is a free keyboard that makes it easy to share anything, without switching apps. Just tap "/" to add Foursquare, GIFs, Spotify, Stickers, YouTube, and links from other services extremely easy and without having to switch between apps. Slash is also built on top of a prediction engine that allows you to type something like "Want to grab a coffee?" and have Slash recommend local shops.


Download on iOS

MusiClock transforms years of complex music theory into a simple and powerful jam tool.The beautifully simple MusiClock enables you to jam and play the right notes right away without prior knowledge of music theory. With the help of the revolutionary design, you can master all the scales you need for jamming in no time. By rotating the wheel, you can transpose your jam instantly to any key.


Download on iOS

The new Hipstamatic is here, and it's a huge update over the original app, but it still revolves around the same idea - take images by selecting the right filters (film emulation, etc) before you shoot.

Seedling Comic Studio

Download on iOS

Easily mix your own photos with custom backgrounds and stickers from themes like Comic, Pixel, Space and more to create your own comic strips.


Download on iOS

Basil helps you find recipes, organizes them for you, and makes cooking easier. Basil makes shopping for the next meal a cinch. Add recipes to your grocery list, and Basil sorts them by aisle. Even better, Basil suggests healthier substitutes for certain ingredients.

Invite by Microsoft

Download on iOS

Invite, a Microsoft Garage project, helps groups agree on a time to meet. Even when they can’t see each other’s schedules. Schedule a meeting right from your phone. You don't have to share your calendar and you don't even need to have the app - you can reply to meeting invitations and find the right time on the web.

Windows Phone:

Slack Beta

Download on Windows Phone

Slack, the popular platform for team communications, is rolling out on Windows Phone and while this is only an early beta with some rough edges, you can try it out if you're using Slack for your chats.


Download on Windows Phone

Telegram is a fast messenger that puts an accent on secure communications. It's a simplistic messenger with all the sharing features and group communications that you'd need, and it's now updated for Windows Phone.


Download on Windows Phone

Realarm allows you to do something simple that no other alarm app is doing: assign more sounds to alarm and sounds will alternate randomly, so you wake up fresh to new tunes every day.

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