Best new Android and iPhone apps (September 27th - October 3rd)

Off we are on another week, and what better to dull that sharp Monday edge a bit than a fresh set of new apps? Well, granted, going on vacation might have a slightly better effect. But we're not here to argue that, we're here to show you some interesting apps that came out in the past week!

Get your selfie camera ready as we have a few fun apps that have you controlling 3D characters with your facial expressions, a set of stickers that you can slap your face on, and an app that transforms you into Trump himself. And that's not all — head on to the appropriate slideshow below and have your pick of best apps for the week! Let us know which one tickled your fancy and if you happen to know of a 7-day-old app that's undeniably cool, yet we missed it — post it up!

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