Best new Android and iOS apps (May 26th - June 1st 2015)

Best new Android and iOS apps (May 26th - June 1st 2015)
Hello there, app hunters! May has finally rolled away and with it – 4 weeks of new apps. If you've been following closely - you probably know that each Monday, we comb through the App Store and Play Store and stack a few interesting offerings that you might just want to try out and keep. If you've missed a week - fear not, just head to the bottom of this article and see the list of all the picks we posted in the past. If you are on top of that and craving some fresh new apps for your Android or iOS mobile device, go ahead and proceed here for the best new apps that we've managed to get our hands on this past week. Feel like we missed some mindblowing offering? Don't hesitate to let us know, as we will be sure to find a way and put them in the spotlight.

So, we've got some interesting apps for the two most popular platforms this week and, surprisingly, very few of them have anything to do with photo editing. So, delve in and let us know which ones you liked!

New for iOS

Google Photos

Price: (free)

Google's brand-new and updated Photos app comes to iOS to help you store a lifetime of memories. The app is linked to Google's cloud service, giving you an unlimited storage for photos of a 16 MP resolution or less. Additionally, there are plenty of enhancements to make it more user-friendly – like searching for pictures from events and places, even if you didn't explicitly tag them when you took them.

Moleskine Timepage

Price: $4.99

A calendar app, which takes a very minimalistic approach to aesthetics, but harbors deep functionality underneath. It features its own weather app built-in and can link your events to places and people, just by typing in a sentence as simple as "Coffee with Mark at Shelby's".


Price: (free)

Spark is a very cool "actionable"-type email. What we're saying here is that it obviously took a lot of cues from Google's Inbox. This is in no way a bad thing and we quite like the client app. If you don't agree with Inbox's Material Design looks on your iOS device, check out Spark – it's an "iPhone"-ized client with pretty much the same functionality.


Price: (free)

A live-streaming app, much like Meerkat or Twitter's recent Periscope. This one focuses on and encourages users to connect and stream large events from different points of view, allowing viewers to easily jump back and forth between different cameras.


Price: $1.99

A very simplistic, “flat”-looking weather app. The imaging is color-coded for quick, glance-able information, and the interface is instantly intuitive.


Price: $4.99

For the iOS musicians out there – Arpeggist is a fully programmable (up to 32 steps) arpeggiator, which features randomize, 40 preset arpeggios, or fully customizable mode. It can trigger both complex chords or single notes and features dozens of scales to build melodies with.

New for Android


Price: (free)

Twitter's take on Meerkat – a live-streaming app that allows you to show anything you are currently witnessing to the whole world... or at least your followers on Twitter. The app will sync with your blue bird account and inform your subscribers when you are streaming. Of course, you can also just jump in and watch popular streams, comment on them, favorite, and follow.

Office Lens

Price: (free)

A Microsoft-made app that helps you preserve schematics, lectures, notes, and anything else by taking a picture of it. The software will let you crop and adjust the image, then convert it into edit-able PDF, Word, of PowerPoint files.

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

Price: (free)

A pretty feature-rich keyboard, which not only features a rich collection of emoji, but also text prediction, swipe-typing, and an easy word selection mode for no-headache copy-pasting. It also allows users to download and customize it with different themes, should you feel like sprucing its looks up a bit.

FORM Watch Face

Price: (free)

A Wear watch face, inspired by the Google-made typeface for the FORM design conference. Should you feel the need to show off your support for the Android maker, or would just like to add some Material Design sprinkle to your watch face – try this one out.

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1. Modest_Moze

Posts: 184; Member since: Mar 23, 2015

I think that apps for android should come first and then for ios :)

2. bucky

Posts: 3775; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

But they generally don't come out for android first :)

3. waddup121 unregistered

Google photos ofc!

4. Sauce5 unregistered

Google Photos and f***ing Spark! Spark is amazing, and probably the best email client I've ever owned. I definitely recommend it to everyone who uses email frequently. One of my favorite features on it are email read receipts (tells you when someone read your email). Blows Inbox out of the water 10 fold (especially since Inbox is a cluster f*** of sh*t on your screen. Waiting for this to hit Android now.

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