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Best new Android and iOS apps (May 12th - May 18th, 2015)

Best new Android and iOS apps (May 12th - May 18th, 2015)
Hey there, app-natics! Getting bored with what you have on your phone and thinking about looking for some fresh apps? Well, worry not, it's just that time of the week again. "What time?", you ask? It's the day we dive deep in the pile of new offerings on both the App Store and Play Store and pick out a few apps that you may be interested in.

So, Android got a couple of new launchers and iOS got a new photography app, and some more tools that integrate with iPhone and Apple Watch. Check them out below, let us know what you downloaded and if you are keeping it. Was there a new app released last week, which you feel should be in this list, but we didn't include? Do tell!

New for iOS

Pic Square

Price: $0.99

Instagram tends to be quite keen on forcing users to crop their photos to a 1:1 square shape. Needless to say, if you have a 16:9 photo with some great scenery in the background, you will often struggle to decide which part of the picture you want to cut out, in order to make it share-able on Instagram. This app gives you another solution – instead of cropping the picture, it adds two stripes to it, above and below your image, giving it a 1:1 ratio. The added bits can be painted in a specific color, or simulate a blur effect, so they can actually enhance a picture's artsy appearance, instead of looking like they've just been plastered there.


Price: $0.99

Horoscope aficionados can never get enough predictions and suggestions for their near or not-so-near future. We know, we know – we're guilty of double-checking various sources of astral information, too. Well, here's something fresh – a daily horoscope app that's based off the Mayan calendar. We hope it brings you good news!

RS Toolbox

Price: (free)

Are you a soldering iron warrior at heart? This little app contains a lot of reference material and in-app calculations for various electrical and engineering components. If you are one who loves the smell of rosin in the morning, you may want to give this one a go!

Chord Cheats

Price: $0.99

Alright, time to play some serenades! What's that? You're not brushed up on your chord knowledge yet? Time to cheat, then! Chord Cheats is a pretty big collection for chords, which also syncs with your Apple Watch, so you can have them “close at hand”.

Percentage Teller

Price: $0.99

If you work with percentages often, you probably know your way around the % function of your calculator. Still, this little app speeds things up a bit by automatically adding or deducing a certain amount of percentages to or from a number.


Price: $0.99

You may not be a fan of Kanye West, but you are most probably quite familiar with some of the... epic quotes and golden nuggets that sometimes happen to sprout from his... let's say amazingly talented mind. The man is probably second only to Charlie Sheen, when he's on a romp, at least, so some of these quotes may have even permeated your and your friends' inner clique lingo. Well, this app will allow you to communicate with quotes and GIFs of the superstar – satirists need not apply.

New for Android

ZEN Launcher

Price: (free)

A super-simplified and lightened launcher, ZEN aims primarily for speed, advertised with the tagline “Less is more”. Is that your motto? You may want to give this one a spin!

A5 Browser

Price: (free)

While we are on the topic of small, light, and fast – A5 Browser looks to be just that. It takes up around 20 MB and is, indeed, pretty fast! As far as looks go, the UI strikes us as “Material Design meets iOS Safari”, and, while it may need a bit of polish, we generally liked it. Check it out!

Number Locator for Mobile

Pirce: (free)

An active phonebook, if you wish, this app will show you the country and region that your caller's number is from, based on that number's area code, of course. It can also work the other way around – showing you area codes for cities that you input in its search.

Board Keyboard Theme for GO Keyboard

Price: (free)

We can definitely see this one working out great with smartphones that have bamboo backs or some sort of wood-finish bumpers around their phones. The Board Keyboard will dress your GO Keyboard in a wooden texture, giving it a naturalistic look.

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