Best micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola, and Xperia phones (2020)

Best micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola, and Xperia phones (2020)
In 1956, IBM introduced the first disk drive in the world. It was as big as a vending machine, it cost more than a house, and it could only store 3.75 megabytes – about the size of a single song in MP3 format. Today, over 60 years later, a smartphone can hold several thousand times more data, yet fits in your jeans' side pocket. Boy, has technology evolved!

Storage space, however, is one of those things our phones never seem to have enough of. They are burdened by heavy apps and offline music, by high-resolution photos and videos, all of which eat up precious gigs. That's why many smartphone makers, including Samsung, LG, Sony, and Motorola still allow storage expansion via micro SD cards, even on their latest and greatest phones. Popping in one of these cards is an easy and cost-effective way of adding additional data space to a Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 10, LG V60, Motorola Edge, HTC or Xperia phone.

Not all micro SD cards are made equal, however. Not all of them can keep up with the read and write speeds certain tasks can demand – shooting 4K video or quick sequences of photos, for example. Also, micro SD cards come in a broad range of capacities, which might make picking the right one even more tricky. So, we thought we'd make your life easier by gathering up the best micro SD cards for any phone supporting micro SD storage expansion.

Samsung Evo Select 

Available in a broad range of capacities, the Samsung Evo Select can provide all the space you may ever need on your phone. The largest offering in the series packs a whopping 512GB! This particular model is also not that expensive (around $85), considering the capacity. You can fit 77,000 high-quality audio tracks, 150,000 high-res photos, or 24 hours of 4K 60fps video on that card. For consumers who don't need quite as much space, the 128GB micro SD variant is the most cost-efficient in the series, priced at around $25 as of this writing. 

The Samsung Evo Select micro SD cards offer up to 100MB/s sequential read speeds, which is more than enough for everyday tasks. These micro SD cards work great with tablets, laptops, action cameras, DSLR's, drones, smartphones, Android devices and more.

SanDisk Extreme 1TB

If you want the highest possible capacity and speed for whatever reason, you have to go to extremes. The SanDisk Extreme 1TB microSD card offers read speeds up to 160MB per second and comes with a record-setting 1000GB capacity. Of course, you must be prepared for the extreme price, too. The 1TB version costs no less than $549.95 and if you pair it with a Galaxy S10+ 1TB phone, you'll end up with more onboard storage than many laptop and desktop computers. The SanDisk Extreme 1TB is the biggest micro SD card available at the moment, though you should check if your phone supports SD cards with such capacity. There's also a lifetime warranty for this one, so you'll have peace of mind if you decide that you need that much storage on your phone.

Kingston Endurance

The Kingston Endurance is the best micro SD card for every video enthusiast out there. It's optimized to withstand write intensive applications such as home security & surveillance cameras, which means it will work great if you like to record long videos with your smartphone. Better yet, the A1 designation indicates the card's ability to handle Android applications great, as well. The card is available in capacities of up to 128GB and strikes a good balance between performance and cost. 

SanDisk Extreme Pro

SanDisk's top-grade micro SD cards offer read/write speeds up to 170/90MB per second making them one of the fastest micro SD cards out there. This kind of performance allows them to function flawlessly with the latest high-end Android phones. The A2 rating indicates they're fast enough to work great with apps, while the V30 rating ensures they can be used for recording 4K video and bursts of photos. This card comes in four capacities, from 64GB right up to 400GB. You can get a nice 256GB micro SD card version for around $60 and it will solve all your storage issues, no matter if we're talking about multimedia or apps.



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