Best home design, renovation, decor and interior apps for iPhone and Android (2015 edition)

There is nothing to shake off the feeling of inertia and slight depression after the long winter months (and really any time of the year) than a quick home renovation. Whether it would just be buying new home decoration or changing the whole interior, we know a few apps that will help.

This selection of best home design, renovation and décor apps for iPhone and Android does away with all the unstable and unproven apps and focuses and what we have tried and tested. Leading the list is - naturally - Houzz, and if we had to pick just one app to get inspiration about remodeling, weekly columns of advice, and an immense catalog of creations, that would be it.

This, however, does not mean that you should overlook the others. We won't spoil it, though: take a look for yourself of the best Android and iPhone home design and renovation apps so far in 2015.


Download on Android, iOS

Houzz is a one-stop-shop for home design and décor inspiration, with a catalog of over 5 million curated images of high resolution. You can set various filters for this outworldly collection, rearranging images by style, room, location, and just any keyword that comes to mind. Houzz makes it easy to save particularly interesting images in your own ideabook, a bit like pinning things in Pinterest. We also love the periodical with articles, advice, and other curious reads around home design.

Zillow Digs

Download on iOS

Zillow Digs is a hub for home improvement and interior design ideas. With a Houzz-like catalog of images, it also provides information about home renovation projects with useful cost estimates, paint colors and product details.


Download on iOS

Wayfair is an awesome catalog of various furniture items that you can select from a neatly organized selection. All prices are real, and you can register to buy things directly from the application. 

Homestyler Interior Design

Download on Android, iOS

This neat app allows you to see how furniture and décor products look in your home before you buy them. With a huge collection of high-resolution 3D models of real-life objects, you can get a sense of both how they fit in stylistically and in size.


Download on Android, iOS concentrates on singling out one-of-a-kind designs and bringing them together in a seamless interface, so that you can discover interesting new items for home decoration.

IKEA Catalog

Download on Android, iOS

The IKEA Catalog application is a great practical tool: the catalog itself is a source of inspiration, and being the most current one, it is also trendy. The biggest advantage of using the app, though, is that all of the items that you see can be purchased easily in the nearest IKEA store for a price that will not be stellar.

HGTV Watch

Download on iOS

We've spent hours watching the Home and Gardening TV channel, and we always find something new and interesting in its high quality programming. The HGTV Watch allows you to catch up with shows on your phone and tablet for free, but there is one condition - you must have the channel in your cable subscription deal in order to use the app.


Download on iOS

Finding the right products to do home renovation and decoration can be laborious task, but often finding the item that looks good is not enough when it costs thousands of dollars. That's where Flipp comes in handy: the app allows you to track circulars for the best deals around - you can add all popular US chains, and the app works smoothly, pushing new circulars to your phone whenever they are available.



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