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Best football/soccer apps to help you experience the UEFA Euro 2016 championship the best way possible

Depending on which side of the pond you reside, football/soccer might be either the second best thing since sliced bread or that cryptic sport Europeans are crazy about. Well, until the end of this post we'll assume two things to make it easier for all parties:

1. Soccer = football;
2. You are a dedicated fan.

In Summer 2016, fans of the oh-so-popular game will have lots of reasons to rejoice - most importantly, UEFA's 2016 European Championship is about to kick off in twenty days in France. 24 of Europe's finest national teams will have to determine which one's the most deserving of the title.

We are certain all the matches will glue you to your TVs and monitors, but in the meantime, there are some apps that will keep you updated with everything Euro 2016-related. We will now share some essential apps and even games with you, football fans!

UEFA Euro 2016 

Download: Android | iOS

This is UEFA's official app for the championship and will be the main hub where fans will get their news, game fixtures, standings, as well as news about the teams, the more prominent players, and all in all, everything Euro 2016-related. Upon installing and starting the app, you will be asked to pick a favorite team, which will create a dedicated tab full of news for any news about it - a very neat personalized experience if you ask us. Worry not, you will still get general news about all the other teams, too. While there's a game including your team of choice, the app will act as a second screen of sorts - it will present you with all kinds of additional info, game-related video & audio, official statistics, and more. Oh, and you can purchase tickets for any upcoming games, provided that you're lucky and find yourself a spot. A must-have for all fans patiently waiting for June 10.

UEFA Euro 2016 Fan Guide

Download it on iOS | Android

So, if you are one of the lucky people that have cleared their schedules for the whole of June and early July with the sole reason of traveling through France and attending all of the matches on the calendar? We are envious - this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That said, in order to make the memory as pleasant as possible, you might want to use UEFA's official guide for fans. It will help you get around France and organize your stay, explore the different transportation options, and learn how and where to get yourself tickets for the games you want to attend. Oh, and you will get to learn interesting tidbits of information about the cities you're about to visit. France is a beautiful country, after all!

LiveScore EURO 2016

Download on iOS | Android

If you are a dedicated football fan (why would you be here otherwise?), there is a rather high chance you want to get immediate match statistics wherever you are. If this is the case, and it most certainly is, then LiveScore could be among your most-visited websites. Well, in line with the upcoming championship, LiveScore released a dedicated app that will provide its users with immediate statistics about all the games that are being played. Fixtures and standings have also made the cut. If you feel more comfortable using this website than UEFA's official app, then you should download it in your Android or iOS device if you haven't already.

BBC Sport

Download: iOS | Android

Do you want to watch all the games live? Of course you do! Luckily for all of us, the BBC Sport app will allow you to watch all of the games live. In case you miss the game, you can always count on the highlights to keep you updated with everything that happened during any of the football games.


Download: iOS | Android

theScore is yet another popular app that will allow you to receive customized tournament notifications about the games that interest you the most. Real-time score, as well as important game alerts (red card notifications, anyone?) are also part of theScore. You can use the app to keep grasp on the big picture or just track the tournament data that you care about, like how many goals Ronaldo scored or how many times Belgium won in the group phase, for example.

Euro 2016

Download: Android

If due to some reason the official Euro 2016 app doesn't float your boat, you can try this one. It has a similar functionality. Starting teams, standings, championship calendar, group fixtures, match results, as well as individual player data are all on board. Most importantly, you get live statisctics that will present you with to-the-minute game statistics, goals, penalties, and everything else that is vital. All of this is mixed with a streamlined and user-friendly interface that allows you to get the data you desire as quick as possible, without being distracted in the meantime. 

Score! Hero

Download: Android | iOS

Enough with the apps, time to relax now. Well, we said relax, but Score! Hero is by no means a chill walk in the park. The game requires you to pass the ball and/or score goals by drawing its trajectory and directing it past the ever-so-vigilant goalkeeper. The first few levels are relatively easy, but once you get to play some of the more advanced levels, this deceitful game will show its true colors. It's a challenging game and will often aggravate you to the point of putting your smartphone in real danger of being smashed in the wall. Once you score though, you really feel like you achieved something. We like!

Now, will Euro 2016 be a walk in the park for Lewandowski or not? 


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