Best construction and farming simulator games for Android and iOS

Bulldozers. Cranes. Excavators. Forklifts. Graders. Tractors. Combine harvesters. Loaders. Concrete mixers. Ever dreamt of operating such heavy machinery? What about driving a tractor and taking care of your farmstead? Well, frankly said, we don't expect honest answers to those two questions. Chances are that a large number of you've craved to drive such heavy machinery back in the day. However, if you are among those, you've probably at least wondered if it's hard to maneuver with and successfully operate these elaborate metal behemoths.

While it's sure that most of us won't get behind the driving wheels of such machines, a number of simulators allow us to take a sneak peek into the world of construction and farm workers. Thus, we decided to make a pick of some construction and farming simulators for Android and iOS, which should keep you (or your child, or both of you) entertained for a moderate amount of time, while giving you more insight on the complex everyday chores of either a crane, a combine harvester, or a tractor driver.


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