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Best cell phone plans for seniors from T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint

Best cell phone plans for seniors 65+ from T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T
What's that you say, US carriers are some of the most expensive you can find anywhere in the world? Why, it was good when they were shelling out iPhone subsidies to you, or when they were in a plan price war, but that period is over, and now the best unlimited plans are encroaching on the $100/month threshold for a single line. Fret not, however, you don't have to go the neutered prepaid route to get some decent deal on wireless, as long as you belong to some special categories of citizens - like seniors... or vets.

Recently, the top US carriers revamped their dedicated plans for people above a certain age, introducing enticing discounts, and bringing the age threshold down to 55+ in most cases, even on Verizon. We'd hardly call that senior citizen, but whatever rocks the marketing boat, so here are the best cell phone plans for seniors from the big four carriers with all their advantages and cons.


How to get it: not available for new customers

Verizon has no less than two senior plans, the Nationwide 65 Plus Plan (for current customers), and the Go Unlimited 55+ variation, which, however, is only valid for states with a large number of senior citizens like Florida, Illinois, or Missouri. While the pricing of the 55+ one is very straightforward - $60 for one line and $80 for two lines - the 65+ comes way more convoluted and expensive:


How to get it: call 1-866-454-1206, go to the website or visit a local retail store

Hands down the best pricing for seniors goes to T-Mobile now. Unlike Verizon's convoluted offerings with a boatload of restrictions, T-Mobile's 55+ plan (primary account holder must be 55 or older) is simple as pie, and offers plenty of perks:

How to get it: you have to go to a Sprint store

For ages 55 and up (on both lines), Sprint recently announced a new plan - Unlimited 55+ - right after the announcement of a possible merger with T-Mobile. It's just $70 with AutoPay, the same as T-Mobile's. 


Usually, AT&T is in the golden middle when it comes to plan-pricing and network speeds, and second after Verizon on coverage. Not with its Senior Nation plan, though - this one is dead last in our ranking, as it only offers 200 minutes for $29.99, and $0.45/minute afterwards, and is meant for basic phones only, as there is no data option attached. 

It does allow for 500 additional minutes on weekday nights after 9 p.m. and on weekends, but that's about all the perks AT&T gives seniors, bummer.
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