Best Buy's BlackBerry Bold pricing sheet leaked

Best Buy's BlackBerry Bold pricing sheet leaked
The folks at BerryReporter, thanks to BGR, have gotten their hands on BestBuy's BlackBerry Bold pricing sheet. They were able to read through the fuzziness and noticed that the full retail price will be $679.99, although there are doubts that the technology retailer will actually sell the Bold without a contract. BerryReporter notes that, while the date listed on the product sheet is September 11, 2008, this simply indicates when the product was entered into the system. According to estimates, the phone is still on track for an October 26th release.

Rest assured, we'll keep you updated should we hear anything different!

Source: BerryReporter



1. pHoNeF@nAtIC unregistered


2. unregistered

i prefer the storm

3. unregistered

it is so bold that it will be stormed on

4. unregistered

Thats just a photo of their inventory system, thats the retail price. However based on the retail price of other blackberry phones thats very reasonable.

5. unregistered

680 unlocked, 300 on att contract. hopefully. then again, with being compatible only on att's 3g, might as well go on contract. even canadians are screwed.

6. unregistered

rogers gives the full retail at 650 in canada. damn

7. unregistered

Soon there should be an actual price tag in the system that will show what it is with contract. I cant see it being $300, but it is possible. If it was to compete price wise with the iphone then ok. If not, I cant see it being over $199. In fact you can get the Treo 800w at Best Buy for $189 with 2yr on Sprint. Time will tell though.

8. unregistered

I don't understand why people compare this to the iphone just because it has 3G. The two devices are in different playing fields. (business and casual use).

9. unregistered

Yeah...not everything is an iphone you moron. That's not the only phone in the world. In fact, there are ALOT of people who want nothing to do with it. They want a GOOD phone. They want a phone that is actually productive and not just a child's toy. Go choke on your iphone loser.

10. unregistered

Don't buy phones at Best Buy. They don't know what the hell they are talking about. You're better off buying it on the internet than at Best Buy. They also rape you on the upgrade prices. Open your eyes and shop based on something other than price.

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