Best health and fitness apps for Apple Watch

Granted, Apple has its own Health app, which syncs with the Apple Watch and gives you your readings and stats. You've also got a pretty good activity tracking baked into the Apple Watch. However, some companies out there launch specialized fitness apps that focus on one or two things only. And by doing that, they really, really flesh out their fitness features. We've got goals, coaching, a community to compete with and brag to, and so on. If you are heavily into your health and wellness lifestyle — or intend to get into it — it's a good idea to check some of those apps out — they can help in both improving your workouts and keeping your motivation up.

But it's not all about sport. The subtle vibrations and notifications of the Watch can be used to assist in meditation and its sensors can be utilized for sleep tracking — something that is sadly not a native feature to the Watch. Check out all the health, fitness, and mindfulness apps we have for you down here!


Price: free

Strava is a highly popular app for cycling, but it does also have a jog tracking feature. One of its strongest features is its community integration — you've got monthly challenges to beat and you can compare your results over specific tracks with other users that have taken them. There are clubs to join and people to follow, as it allows you to share your results next to photos of your trails and adventures. Of course, during and after each training session, you get information for distance, pace, speed, elevation gained, calories burned, and an interactive map.

Nike+ Run Club

Price: free

The Nike app is strictly for runners, but with Nike being an official partner of Apple, it's a no-brainer that it's going to be a heavily fleshed-out app. It features various coaches, challenges, personalized plans, trophies, leaderboards, and all the nuts and bolts of a fitness app that will get you to push yourself in a structured way.


Price: free

Misfit is a popular manufacturer of smartwatches and fitness trackers and it obviously has its own app to sync with its products. However, it is now compatible with the Apple Watch as well. It will send you motivational notifications every now and then and its main feature is the short workouts program. You just tell the app you only have 5 minutes to spare and you will get a set of quick exercises to get your blood pumping.

Zones for Training

Price: free

Zones is dedicated to visualizing your exercise intensity zones so that you can better choose how much time you spend in each one. You will also, of course, get detailed stats about your past training sessions so that you can monitor your trends.

7 Minute Workout Challenge

Price: free

Don't have time to get to the gym or organize any sort of training sessions at home? This app asks you to spend just 7 minutes per day. It cycles through 12 different exercises in rapid fashion and that's it — you come back tomorrow. The exercises themselves require no special equipment and you get guidance how to do them straight on your Watch screen.

Mount Burnmore

Price: $0.99

Working out is a boring yawnfest for you? Well, this app will try to game-ify the process for you. Mount Burnmore calculates your burnt calories and turns them into in-game energy, which you use to smash obstacles and reach goals in a mini maze. A little bit of fun and competitiveness with other players might be the pinch of motivation you need?

Carrot Fit

Price: $3.99

Ah, Carrot... Just like the popular weather app, this fitness app has an AI that spouts witty quips and secretly hates humanity. It uses raw, cynical, and insult comedy to get you moving, so in that sense, it's probably not the fitness app for everybody. But if that sounds like your type of humor, you will have fun with this one. It is also based on the 7-minute workout concept.


Price: free

The Apple Watch Series 2 and up are water-resistant, and that's great. You do have a swim-tracker baked in the Workout app, but MySwimPro takes things to the next level — it's sort of the Nike Run for swimmers. With hundreds of workouts, technique explanations, coaching, and more it's a great partner for swimmers — both advanced and beginners. 

Walkmeter Walking & Hiking GPS

Price: free

Yeah, the name suggests it's an app for walking, but it also supports cycling, running, skating, skiing, and other activities. The reason it's on our list here is because it records a mind-boggling amount of data and has a very clear, easy-to-read, yet rich layout on the Watch.


Price: free

A skiing and snowboarding tracker with automatic exercise detection and battery-saving operation. We have a feeling it might work well for downhill longboarders as well.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Price: free

This app will follow your sleep cycles and wake up at the best time, around your set desired wake-up hour. It supports silent wake-ups and snore interrupters, via the Apple Watch's Taptic engine vibration.

Sleep Watch by Bodymatter

Price: $2.99

For all its native fitness tracking features, it was a bit of a letdown that the Apple Watch doesn't have any stock sleep tracker baked in. Thankfully, there are a few cool apps out there that can do that for you. Sleep Watch will automatically track your snoozing — you don't need to start it or stop it manually. Then, it will give you tons of stats, from your sleeping habits to your average sleep duration, HR readings during your naps, and so on. Pretty much everything you might need in a sleep tracker.

AutoSleep Tracker

Price: $2.99

Just like the previous app, AutoSleep will start recording your sleep patterns and quality automatically. Here's a twist — even if you don't wear the Watch to bed, AutoSleep will still keep track of your sleeping times, which is pretty cool. Of course, if you want all the stats, like HR readings, deep sleep, et cetera — you will have to keep the Watch on. Other than that, this one's interface is also a bit different as it tries to mimic Apple's own fitness Rings, but both AutoSleep and Sleep Watch are pretty fleshed out, so pick the one you think looks better to you.


Price: free

This app encourages you to stand more via a collection of adorable avatar animals. Reaching goals help you unlock more of the fluffies. You can later place them in augmented reality and take photos with them standing around in the real world.

One Drop Diabetes Management

Price: free

For those living with diabetes, being able to follow one's diet and insulin pump data is a useful, but tedious task. This app at least makes it much easier to record your daily consumption via the Apple Watch. It syncs with Apple Health, so whatever else you have that uses it as a source will instantly get the data as well.

Round Health

Price: free

This app is a complex reminder tool for those that live with an illness and require regularly taking their medicine. Going beyond a simple alert you put in your phone, it will have "reminder windows" for one's specific medicine and schedule, a calendar that'll show when one missed taking their remedies, complex schedules for different doses and periods, persistent push notifications, refill tracking, and take their remedies, complex schedules for different doses and periods, persistent push notifications, refill tracking, and more.


Price: free

Don't have an Apple Watch Series 4 and feel a bit envious of the new ECG feature? Check out this 3rd party Cardiogram app. It will track and record your heart activity when awake, active, resting, and sleeping. It also doubles as a basic workout app as it has various challenges and habits you can choose to conquer while comparing your results with other users out there. There's a study to opt in here, too — the Health eHeart Study, which is also dedicated to detecting arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation.


Price: $2.99

While the previous two apps are made to help you participate in arrhythmia studies and give you some general tracking of your heart rate throughout the day, HeartWatch is designed to specifically zero in on what your heart rate is during different, defined activities and feeds that data to the user in a very easy-to-read graphic. If your graphic is blue, you're within the average ranges; if it has a red circle around it, your heart was being overworked (how much depends on the thickness of the red ring) during that activity. The app also has various ways to encourage you to be more active, one of which is taking care of Timogochi — a virtual "pet", which needs you to fill your Activity Rings to stay healthy itself.


Price: $4.99

Streaks is a to-do list specifically designed to help you form new habits, or break old ones. As the name suggests, the app's main feature is following streaks of you performing (or avoiding to perform) the target habit each day. And, as we all know from the huge drama your average teenager throws if a Snapchat streak gets abruptly ended, we seem to be hard-coded to care about these. So, once you get a streak going, you are motivated to avoid breaking it, thus — a new habit is born.



1. aegislash

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Praying so hard for a redesign this year. My OG Apple Watch won't be updated after Watch OS 5, so I'm gonna have to jump to a newer model. While I absolutely love it, I have a slight preference for the round devices that Samsung and others make. Please, Apple, for the love of everything...give us a round Apple Watch.

2. Vokilam

Posts: 1192; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

I was gonna get a smart watch this year (my first one). But ended up switching to iOS. Now almost no point in buying Samsung Gear SWatch. And I don’t like the design of Apple Watch. Probably gonna switch to Note 9 next year and get the new Samsung galaxy watch - really excited about that. If anyone using Samsung gear S with iPhone - let me know how it’s working - I know it’s crazy limited, but wondering if anything actually works.

4. nepalisherpa

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Samsung watches will work with iOS. You won't be able to interact with notifications (beside clearing or blocking) but everything else will work.

5. rouyal

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I want to buy an Apple Watch, but not until they let me customize the launcher and use icon packs

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