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Best Android, iPhone and iPad apps of 2012: best side-scrolling action games

0. phoneArena posted on 10 Jan 2013, 07:09

2012 was a great year for apps. Apple’s App Store accumulated more than 700,000 apps and Android’s Google Play was on par with similar numbers…

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posted on 10 Jan 2013, 07:34 10

1. TheRetroReplay (Posts: 254; Member since: 20 Mar 2012)

Only 3 for Android, 2 shared with iOS and 1 exclusive. 8 games ore on iOS...

You might as well just made this a list of iOS only games, this is the type of bias that your users complain about Phone Arena

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 08:14 3

2. Victor.H (Posts: 785; Member since: 27 May 2011)

We have picked only what we have seen and know is best, and in this case - yes, iOS has better games. For us, those are the facts, not bias. However if you happen to know about more games at the same level of quality and finish for Android, we'd be glad to take a look and add them here!

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 12:35 10

4. TheRetroReplay (Posts: 254; Member since: 20 Mar 2012)

You can't say iOS has better games, that's not fact, that is again bias.

Your statement not only shows bias but shows ignorance. It's quite obvious that you didn't even LOOK at any games on Android. Therefore your argument of iOS having better games is invalidated.

You want examples? Fine, here's some games that are on both Android and iOS: Cordy, Granny Smith, Project 83113, Paper Monsters, the Illusia series.

There now, THAT'S what you call being unbiased. Also you shouldn't be saying "For us, those are the facts" when saying that iOS has better games, you just made the entire website look not only biased towards iOS but incredibly foolish and ignorant. And I'm sure your employers here at PA don't want to look like fools because of one of their employees foolishness.

And you made yourself look foolish as well, you're profile shows that you want 10 phones and only one of them is an iOS device and the rest are all Android except for the Nokia N9. It also says that you have a Galaxy Nexus and had a Galaxy S3. Obviously you know nothing about the operating system that you use and therefore should NOT be writing articles for this website.

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 13:31 4

5. Luuthian (Posts: 296; Member since: 09 Sep 2011)

I don't know if I want to be that harsh, but I have to agree the list is a little off... I mean a game like Blind Ninja Sing might Android exclusive, but it's pretty far away from "the best" that came out this year. Hell, the game hasn't even been downloaded over 5000 times.

I agree Cordy should have been on there. And what about Ski Safari? Polara? Waking Mars? Rayman Jungle Run? ESPECIALLY Rayman Jungle Run actually.

The picks aren't all bad, but at least half of those are pretty far away from "The BEST" this year. And most of them are only available on iOS. Plenty of the best games this year hit both platforms...

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 14:35

7. flipjzn (Posts: 257; Member since: 22 Jun 2012)

I think they've featured them under best android apps/games before. ;)

posted on 11 Jan 2013, 00:30

8. zazori08 (Posts: 113; Member since: 21 Dec 2011)

i think they just pick from the app store and if it's cross platformed with android then they'll add android to the list

posted on 11 Jan 2013, 03:40 2

9. Victor.H (Posts: 785; Member since: 27 May 2011)

Those you mention (Cordy, Granny Smith, Paper Monsters) don't fit our definition of a side-scrolling brawler, they are more traditional platformers that don't belong here.

Project 83113 is not available on Google Play right now. Watch out your language in the future comments.

posted on 11 Jan 2013, 05:06

10. Luuthian (Posts: 296; Member since: 09 Sep 2011)

I think your list needs better clarification then. You probably should have just said "action" games as opposed to side-scrolling action because the list includes several endless runners (and who honestly lumps endless runners under another sub category?). Wind Up Knight is barely more of an action game than Rayman is.

For future reference more than anything, the list is just confusing is all.

posted on 11 Jan 2013, 08:44

11. zazori08 (Posts: 113; Member since: 21 Dec 2011)

Put Cold water to burned area. joke. you're right dude

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 09:22

12. MayorMcJustin (Posts: 6; Member since: 01 Dec 2011)

The title of this article was Side Scrolling ACTION. In big bold letters. You only put brawler in the last sentence right before naming the "best" games. Hardly a catagory to even consider at all.

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 14:15 1

6. thunderbolt (Posts: 76; Member since: 10 Jan 2013)

How on earth could iOS ever be BAD ... i saw one article which mentioned about some cute little app on ipad which helps the kid to s**t. This level of journalism is definitely not biased when one has to cull out news irrelevant to tech site and report it here in name of doing justice to all platofrms ... never expected that level would be so so that one has to read on how APPS help is s**tting .....

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 08:46 1

3. Fallout09 (Posts: 421; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

Amen brother. Amen

posted on 08 Jul 2013, 17:15

13. Isamu80 (Posts: 1; Member since: 08 Jul 2013)

Checkout Olethros on Google Store
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