Best Android Wear watch apps: launchers, keyboards, browsers and camera control

Best Android Wear watch apps: launchers, keyboards, browsers and camera control
Google proved once again the viability of its business model by outing the Android Wear mobile accessories platform, and counting on developers to really help lift it off. And take off it did - just for a few short weeks since its announcements, and barely a smartwatch or two on the market that run Android Wear, we are already seeing an exponential growth in features and productivity we can carry on our wrists now, thanks to the efforts of third-party developers.

From the missing links, like a small app to turn off the annoying glow of your watch screen when you sleep, to awesome niche apps that give you the ability to control your Tesla Model S electric car from the comfort of your wrist, there are now hundreds of apps for the platform, and counting. We are rounding up some of the best Android Wear apps so far, for you fresh owners of an LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, or whatever comes down the pipe, like the cool and round Moto 360. Check them out below, and do share if you've found something else useful, too, as new Android Wear apps are popping up every day now.



4. 0xFFFF

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With root, is there a way to delete Google Now, Google's always on/always listening recorder, and all the rest of Google's spyware from an Android Gear watch? I would like to try one of these out, but not if it is just a spy device for Google.

3. VZWuser76

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What happened to the article about the Moto360 possibly being made of plastic? I was doing some checking on it and when I went back to the article it was gone. Using shady sources PA?

2. MEeee

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Gear Face Collections with Watch Styler for Android/Tizen

1. sgodsell

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Android wear is the best.

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