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The best AT&T deals right now - updated August 2022

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The best AT&T deals right now
The world of deals is not a very simple place: deals change all the time, they're relatively scattered here and there... However, we did some digging for phone deals and that helped us find gems that otherwise we would have missed ‒ and this article is here to help you find those gems. Check out our compiled list of the best AT&T deals right now, for existing and new customers.

If you're not an AT&T customer (and you don't plan to be one), we also have an article on the Best Verizon phone deals right now, as well as an article on the Best Deals on T-Mobile right now.

Currently, the hottest phones out there are the iPhone 13 series, the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, and the new Galaxy S22 series as well. AT&T has hefty discounts on both series of these premium phones, to help you get the tech you love without having to lose an arm and a leg to afford it. We also often see discounts on midrange models, as well as on wearables.

Now, without further ado, let's dive into the deals we see at AT&T in August 2022.

Here are best AT&T deals right now:

Galaxy S22 deals at AT&T

The Galaxy S22 phones are finally here after months of leaks and rumors, and AT&T is ready for them. The deals the carrier has on the newest flagship trio are pretty similar to what other carriers have, meaning: you get generous trade-in offers for the newest phones by Samsung. Here's what AT&T offers right now:

Galaxy S22 Ultra WAS $1,199.99 NOW $399.99 SAVE $800 with trade-in

You can get the Galaxy S22 Ultra with up to $800 off with eligible trade-in right now. You need to pick an Unlimited plan and pay for the phone in installments to benefit from this AT&T offer.
$399 99
$1199 99
Buy at AT&T

Galaxy S22 WAS $799.99 NOW FREE with trade-in

AT&T is also giving the awesome $800 off with trade-in deal for the Galaxy S22 as well. The conditions again require an Unlimited plan. As usual, the trade-in discount depends on the device you send - the newer and better its condition, the better the discount.
$799 99
Buy at AT&T

Galaxy S22 Plus WAS $999.99 NOW $199.99 SAVE $800 with trade-in

The same offer is available also for the Galaxy S22+. The conditions to benefit from this deal are the same as the ones for the other two phones from the flagship lineup.
$199 99
$999 99
Buy at AT&T

More on the phones:

iPhone 13 series deals at AT&T

The iPhone 13 series bring a faster chip, more camera features, and a smaller notch compared to earlier models (finally Apple seems to be working on reducing its size), and with the four phones freshly out of the oven, carriers are giving generous trade-in deals if you're willing to get one. And so is AT&T.

AT&T has got some generous trade-in offers on the newly-released iPhone 13 series:

iPhone 13 Pro Max WAS $1099.99 NOW $399.99 SAVE $700 with trade-in

You need an eligible trade-in device to benefit from this generous AT&T deal on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. You will also have to go for an Unlimited plan.
$399 99
$1099 99
Buy at AT&T

iPhone 13 Pro WAS $999.99 NOW $299.99 SAVE $700 with trade-in

The smaller but not weaker iPhone 13 Pro gets the same $700 trade-in offer as its bigger sibling. Again, you need an installment plan and an Unlimited plan to benefit from this trade-in offer.
$299 99
$999 99
Buy at AT&T

iPhone 13 WAS $799.99 NOW $99.99 SAVE $700 with trade-in

Get up to $700 off the iPhone 13 with an eligible trade-in. You need an eligible Unlimited plan to take advantage of this great AT&T offer.
$99 99
$799 99
Buy at AT&T

iPhone 13 mini WAS $699.99 NOW FREE with trade-in

What is better than a free iPhone 13 mini in this world? AT&T currently has this awesome offer with trade-in and Unlimited plan: you can get your hands on a free iPhone 13 mini!
$699 99
Buy at AT&T

More on the phones:

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals on AT&T

Now that the Galaxy S22 phones have taken the place of the S21 series, there aren't many stocks left here. Currently AT&T only has the S21 Ultra in black available, while the other two models from the series are not available. 

However, AT&T still has an offer on the s21 Ultra. You can trade-in your old phone and you can get a discount.

Galaxy S21 Ultra: trade-in discount available

Although AT&T has not stated how much a trade-in device would get you in terms of a discount on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the option is available. Keep in mind that the trade-in discount depends on how new your trade-in phone is and what is its condition, as well as other parameters such as storage.
$1199 99
Buy at AT&T

iPhone 12 series deals

The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini are now discounted at AT&T, and the gorgeous thing about this deal is: yes, you guessed it – no trade-in is required!

iPhone 12 mini: now 50% off

For this generous deal, you won't need to trade-in a phone. The iPhone 12 mini can be yours for 50% off with an eligible Unlimited plan. Of course, to benefit from this offer, you will need to choose an installment plan for the mini.
$629 99
Buy at AT&T

iPhone 12: 50% off

The same offer as the one above applies to the iPhone 12 as well. You can now get it 50% off at AT&T, no trade-in is required. You need an installment plan and an Unlimited plan.
$415 08
$779 99
Buy at AT&T

Check out our iPhone 12 mini review, our iPhone 12 Pro review, our iPhone 12 Pro Max review, and our iPhone 12 review to see how these devices perform in everyday life and what our experience using them was.

Galaxy Z Fold 3: get up to $800 off (with trade in)

Samsung's newest foldable phone brings upgrades over the last generation of foldables and a more reasonable price range. Now, AT&T is giving customers a gorgeous deal for the foldable. You can now get up to $800 off with an eligible trade-in and Unlimited plan. The $800 off is distributed as a bill credit on 36 monthly installments. Of course, as all similar offers, this one requires an unlimited plan with the carrier.

Additionally, you can currently save $100 on Galaxy Buds with the purchase of this phone.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 packs a slight redesign, powerful Snapdragon 888 processor, S Pen support, all completed by a reduced $1,799 price for the base model.

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Galaxy Z Flip 3:  $800 off (with trade-in)

A similar offer is available on AT&T for the second foldable released by Samsung on August 11: the Galaxy Z Flip 3. AT&T now gives a great offer for it: you can get the clamshell foldable with up to $800 off, with eligible trade-in. Of course, this deal necessitates an Unlimited plan with AT&T.

Additionally, you can currently save $100 on Galaxy Buds with the purchase of the Flip 3, the same offer as the one for the Z Fold 3 listed here above.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a beautiful clamshell foldable phone, powered by the mighty and powerful Snapdragon 888 and a stunning new design. On top of that, just like the Z Fold 3, it features top-notch water resistance, so you no longer have to worry about spilling some water on your premium device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 WAS $999 NOW $199 SAVE $799

AT&T is offering the Galaxy Z Flip 3 at up to $800 off with an eligible trade-in. This means that you can get the new foldable phone at a very small price with the trade-in and a carrier plan. You can also get any Samsung accessory at 50% off its retail price if you purchase a Samsung connected device.
$199 99
$999 99
Buy at AT&T

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE deal at AT&T

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S21 FEis a great addition to Samsung's flagship phones (but with a more wallet-friendlier price), packing awesome specs, a beautiful 6.4-inch OLED display with the smooth 120Hz refresh rate, along with 5G connectivity. Its regular price is a deal on its own even without deals from carriers.

Currently, AT&T is offering a great deal for the S21 FE:

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: get this phone for $15 a month

Right now, you can get the S21 FE for just $15 a month. You don't need trade-in here, you only need to go for an Unlimited plan with AT&T.
$15 /mo
$19 45
Buy at AT&T

Note 20 deals at AT&T

Samsung's S-Pen-wielding flagships, the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, are multitasking monsters, great for school, work and play. Unfortunately right now, the two models are out of stock on AT&T. If they get back in stock, we'll include them here.

Meanwhile, they are still in stock over at Best Buy; however they are being sold at their retail prices at the moment.

Galaxy Note 20 AT&T at Best Buy: save $600 with new line or account

Currently, you can buy the Note 20 at Best Buy with a big discount if you activate on the same day and get a new line or account with AT&T - the Note 20 can be yours for just $399.99. Alternatively, you can save $100 with same-day activation without the new line, but with an upgrade.
$399 99
$999 99
Buy at BestBuy

You can also check our Note 20 review and our Note 20 Ultra review in case you are looking into buying the Note.

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