BOLT – a WebKit-based JAVA browser

BOLT – a WebKit-based JAVA browser
A new browser on the market – BOLT is a free solution that is said to render web pages faster than the competition. Like iPhone’s Safari, Palm Pre’s and the Symbian S60 browser, the BOLT uses the WebKit engine, which sounds promising. It is a J2ME (Java) application, which means it will be usable on plenty of non-smart phones. It is said to use only 150KB of memory and 500KB of RAM, and to feature RSS reader, Flash and AJAX support. It’s fast, light and has lots of features – we like it! Unfortunately, it is still in beta, and a closed one – after you’ll register at the BOLT site, you’ll have to wait for an invitation. We already did it, now we wait…

source: BOLT via MobileCrunch



1. Bored_Shitless

Posts: 19; Member since: Jan 16, 2009

it says you need a referral code. let's see if we get one

2. Fan_of_Fanboys

Posts: 101; Member since: Nov 13, 2008

I have it. It is sweet. Amazingly fast, rendering is near flawless, and looks great so far. I have been using it for a couple hours and can't wait for final version BTW I am using on a Storm running .75. It does seem like it is designed for a trackball experience as clicking can be a lil tough and to zoom is not the double tap used with standard browser. Minor complaints compared to the SPEED!

3. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

That is interesting. I have tried to install J2ME applications on my blackberry pearl and it wouldn't ever work. I assumed that it was due to the NON- Java based OS that blackberry uses. This being a J2ME app, it would seem that the storm uses a Java based OS? Can someone clarify this for me.

4. Fan_of_Fanboys

Posts: 101; Member since: Nov 13, 2008

On my Storm I have th option to enable or disable Java. My friend has a curve though and he has also installed Bolt and loving it. He has the ability to enable or disable Java as well. 8330 w/ VZW. I do believe the Pearl and Curve are exactly the same...

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