BB Curve 8330 for Sprint confirmed for April 16

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BB Curve 8330 for Sprint confirmed for April 16
A month ago, we revealed the first information about the Sprint release of the BlackBerry Curve 8330 and a few other phones that will be launched on April 16th. Today we received yet another confirmation that this is the date for the Curve in Titanum, with other colors expected to follow. We didn’t get confirmation about the rest of the phones, so are still not sure if Sprint will make a huge launch, or will reveal only the Curve.

BGR posted a few spy photos of the new Curve, running on the Sprint-modified software. A curious fact is that it has 80MB of memory, slightly upgrading its GSM counterpart in this aspect.



1. Gib unregistered

Awesome! Perhaps in another 10 years we can have 256.... Oh well, should complain. It's better then nothing

2. Curious George unregistered

i know this is a little off topic but what ever happened to the Samsung M800?

3. Mr.Catt unregistered

So what. Try bringing us some real and realavent equipment. Maybe we might get excited enough to actually want to purchase something that you have to offer. Oh yeah, we want to get locked into a multiyear contract for on going punishment. Thank you.

4. J-ROC unregistered

If you spend your life looking for a phone that you love every single thing will be looking for a long time. The curve is a great addition. Sprint has some crazy phones coming out in 08.

5. T-Money3000 unregistered

I spoke with my manager and he said VZW should be getting the curve soon too!

6. pro-paYne unregistered

is it going to have a memory card slot?

7. tofast30 unregistered

it should have a memory slot.

8. TP unregistered

will this curve record video

9. sprint rep09188 unregistered

look for this to launch on may 7, which is about 17 hours away, its gonnna have full access to sprint music and sprint tv at evdo speeds, instinct should be coming july 1st

10. sprint rep09188 unregistered

sorry guys, looks like they backdated it a couple days,BlackBerry Curve 8330 Smartphone, Smallest QWERTY Keyboard release: 5/09/2008

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