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Article: Touchscreen technologies in phones

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In the long run, it is very difficult to tell you which of the three types is the best and the most efficient one, since each method has its advantages and disadvantages.
Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

We are fans of the resistive touchscreen system, mainly because it is the most popular one and can be used with any objects (except sharp ones), irrespective of whether they are electrically charged, cold or warm.

However, we should not underestimate the power of the capacitive technology as the first one (referring to Apple’s MultiTouch), due to which a mobile phone can be controlled by more than one touch simultaneously.

We believe that the infrared technological method has the brightest future, but for the time being its high production costs place it at the end of the line. Let us however, explain why we believe this model has the greatest potential. It is the most durable, it has the longest life and lets through all the light emitted by the screen. In addition, the inability to respond to multiple touches is in the past. There already are devices, registering more than one touch (52, to be precise), using this technology, but the method is called Optical imaging and an example of its use is Microsoft Surface. This device represents a big table, which reacts to the touch and has been produced for commercial purposes to be used in hotels, shops, etc.


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