Applications that help military veterans

We found few, if any, bugs in these applications. Seeing as they were developed through government agencies, updates to the apps will be slow and methodical. In the PTSD Coach application, we did notice a couple bugs with both the Android and iOS app. In Android, some selections resulted in a blank screen and in iOS, some links designed to use your location in helping find nearby assistance did not work on the iPhone 5 we used.

Given how diverse the symptoms and their relative intensity can be from one person to the next, these apps are nicely situated, and flexible enough to at least introduce veterans or others suffering from PTSD to ways to manage symptoms. In addition to the applications that are available, the major smartphone platforms themselves each have distinct features which can be of benefit to those dealing with problems arising from PTSD or TBI. In a separate write-up, which we will be posting very soon, we examine some of the specific features between iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone that provide distinct functionality that can aid those working through various stress and brain related injuries.

If you or a friend have been dealing with problems related to PTSD, whatever the cause, check out these and other applications. If you have been working with programs like these as well as doctors and clinicians, know that support is available, check out or call 855-VET-TALK (855-838-8255).

If you feel you have exhausted all options and there is nowhere left to turn, the VA's Veterans Crisis Line is available at 800-273-8255, option 1, gets you to the front of the line for help.  The website, also features IM-chat.  There are similar resources available to veterans in many other countries.

Some of these ideas seem like obvious courses of action to take, but the conditions themselves, coupled with the training and subsequent harsh environments, create a desire to withdraw from all sorts of activities and environments that the rest of us take for granted.  Indeed, it may take a forceful nudge of a friend or family member to seek help.  For veterans wound up by just making the decision, seeking help is not the same as surrendering.  Seeking and using available help is adding tools to your own arsenal to face challenges seen in the service, and in civilian life.  These apps are only a small part of the equation, but as technologically connected as we are, they can play a vital, integral and unobtrusive role in assisting those who contend with these conditions.


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