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Apple's new iTunes Content Dispute form helps iOS developers protect their work

0. phoneArena posted on 01 Sep 2012, 01:06

Apple has added a site where iOS developers can file a complaint against other developers, accusing them of infringing on IP in the App Store; the iTunes Content Dispute Tool is now up and allows developers to protect their registered work...

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posted on 01 Sep 2012, 01:20 5

1. Savage (unregistered)

So I guess this will lead to only one developer producing one kind of app. For example, Evernote's developers can pull off other note apps from the app store, won't they? Angry Bird's makers will stop other slingshot driven apps from selling in the app store.

posted on 01 Sep 2012, 14:42 1

9. Lucas777 (Posts: 2137; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)

this is not that drastic at all… it only provides basically an information stock so that developers can reach out to other developers and talk to them about what they believe is infringing…

posted on 01 Sep 2012, 01:23 5

2. mas11 (Posts: 1034; Member since: 30 Mar 2012)

Damn Apple is so obsessed with lawsuits, they are now letting their own developers claim they are infringing upon each other.

posted on 01 Sep 2012, 06:36 5

6. pikapowerize (banned) (Posts: 1869; Member since: 03 May 2012)

i think its a good way.. at least you cant see same thing same apps same gameplay like on google play (no offense) because google play has a thousand of angry birds clone.. they even have lots of temple run clones.. while on app store.. its only temple run, no other alternatives!

but at least you can get a verified app

posted on 01 Sep 2012, 15:03 1

10. Pings (Posts: 304; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

WOW! Some people @_@... With that logic Maze War would be the 1st and only FPS. No Wolfenstein 3D, Half Life's, COD's, BF's, and many more. What a horrible idea. I do not like Apple's on stance on stifling technology.

posted on 01 Sep 2012, 18:04

11. pikapowerize (banned) (Posts: 1869; Member since: 03 May 2012)

they are just protecting their devs apps not to be copied or what ever...

but i hate that apple is suing company that will somehow infringe their so called patents.... but if they will keep on suing these company, their will be no more innovations...

posted on 04 Sep 2012, 10:44 1

12. Reluctant_Human (Posts: 904; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

There are tons of temple run clones on the app store..

posted on 01 Sep 2012, 01:28 2

3. CharlieAtInfinity (Posts: 253; Member since: 10 Apr 2012)

Its kind of stupid.. if app developers keep claiming other apps it will kill the interest of other developers to make apps for iOS

posted on 01 Sep 2012, 01:55 5

4. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

How does a developer file a complaint against Apple for infringement? Without fear of being ejected from the iTunes ecosystem.

posted on 01 Sep 2012, 06:05 2

5. SlimSoulja86 (Posts: 660; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

WOW, Apple keeps making stupid mistakes everyday. Who the hell makes these decision or come up with these ideas?

Now iOS developers can start suing each other! Apps will look similar in one way or another. And No, I'm not talking about Angry Bird copies. For example, what if Developer A(Lets call him DA) develops an App that help me with my shopping, then I realize that this App is gr8, but it's missing something, maybe let's say, the ability to save everything I bought, and calculate the difference between what I bought last month to what I bought this month, and notify me if I missed something I buy every month. Like me forgetting to buy Toilet Paper this month. And the App will send me a notification that I forgot to buy Toilet Paper this month. And I decides to develop and App that DA developed, but with added features. Does it mean DA will now sue me? Or force my App to be removed cos his App was the first one to be on the App Store?

If somebody cares to help me out. Maybe I miss understood the whole article.

posted on 01 Sep 2012, 10:17 2

8. Savage (unregistered)

You are right. Basically this will lead to fewer apps. Only the originals and the popular ones will remain. The clones which sometimes have more functionality than the original will be removed. Less choice for consumer.

Haha, Apple is shooting its own foot. Hopefully Google won't do that. Chances are less because it's open source!

posted on 01 Sep 2012, 09:01 2

7. rusticguy (Posts: 2828; Member since: 11 Aug 2012)

This is nothing but trying to get media attention prior to the next iphone release Cheap marketing gimmicks.

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