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Apple's internal research revealed: why customers chose Android over the iPhone

0. phoneArena posted on 13 Aug 2012, 15:36

Another casualty of the patent wars is leaked, as Apple's internal study of why people choose Android phones is uncovered in court...

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posted on 13 Aug 2012, 23:08

77. Avinash.Meeniga (unregistered)

it's Now not Know, the one which i've quoted in the below

Thanks to the Apple v. Samsung trial we " know " get to know what Appleā€™s internal study discovered.

posted on 14 Aug 2012, 08:54

81. JunkCreek (Posts: 407; Member since: 13 Jul 2012)


I'm from asia - Indonesia. If u still don't know where, just open ur GEarth or GMaps and search Indonesia.

Why? Me so sarcasm?

posted on 14 Aug 2012, 08:57

82. JunkCreek (Posts: 407; Member since: 13 Jul 2012)


I live in Asia - Indonesia.
Still dunno where the h3ll is it?
open ur gearth or gmaps and search: Indonesia.

Why u asking? Me so sarcasm?

posted on 14 Aug 2012, 09:16

84. matrix_neo (Posts: 334; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

Is it wrong to ask? I obviously know indonesia, we're just neighbors, I'm from philippines. I asked you coz your spelling is so bad, don't get me wrong, better check your dictionary before making any comment. I'm not good also in english grammar but I'm trying to improve it. Better use also google translate to help you in your english. No need for me google earth or maps, I know where can I find any countries in this world.

posted on 14 Aug 2012, 09:01

83. JunkCreek (Posts: 407; Member since: 13 Jul 2012)

to PhoneArena

thanks for only hiding user comments when it gets in a way of rules.

No, I'm not hating, just too being sarcasm. I live in a world of sarcasm. Sorry me.

posted on 14 Aug 2012, 09:34

85. JunkCreek (Posts: 407; Member since: 13 Jul 2012)


i turn off my dictionary from my phone keyboard. had a 'modified' language and im tired to add my 'newly improved' slang language. heheheh. it is okay. im no problem you asked. im not too good in english, at least but not last, everybody knows what i mean.

sorry. dun meant to insulting you and sorry for changing some of the words to matching what i need to write, thats why i got moderated.

sorry 4 my bad english language and grammar and spelling. just read it as u read a spell, so u will understand. sorry me matrix_one.

posted on 14 Aug 2012, 09:42 1

86. JunkCreek (Posts: 407; Member since: 13 Jul 2012)


it is nice to know i have l a neighbour here. and it is really nice that i have this conversation with you. nice to meet u mate.

posted on 14 Aug 2012, 22:27

92. matrix_neo (Posts: 334; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

Nice meeting you also... im here in phone arena everyday reading the latest mobile news especially about android, samsung, and apple. Keep in touch here.. GBU.

posted on 14 Aug 2012, 11:36 2

90. _PHug_ (Posts: 463; Member since: 11 Oct 2011)

When I first got an Android phone I chose Android over iPhone for...

1. Physical Keyboard (don't care about this anymore)
2. Emulators
3. Micro SD expansion
4. Free turn by turn GPS (was considering a Tom Tom around the same time)

posted on 14 Aug 2012, 12:49 1

91. niteiknight (Posts: 60; Member since: 02 Aug 2012)

Back in 2009 I considered getting the iPhone. Unfortunately, AT&T didn't (still doesn't) like people with bad credit, so they wanted to charge a security deposit before opening a line. Not really Apple's fault, but that's ultimately what turned me to Android, as it was on just T-Mobile at the time.

Today, I have a whole list of reasons why I now prefer Android over iOS, though I see the benefits and disadvantages of both. But AT&T has always remained a s**tty carrier available only to those with "good" credit. At least the iPhone isn't exclusive to them anymore. Good for Apple!

posted on 15 Aug 2012, 23:11 1

93. CRICKETownz (Posts: 980; Member since: 24 Oct 2009)

ive been on Android since the original Moto Droid...blew thru several diff. models switched to iPhone & now back on Android w/the S3. to be honest i prefer iOs at this point. all the of the raving about openness & customization im finding really doesnt matter to me. though ICS has made some huge improvements i like the smoothness of iOS a little better. i understand that Android pushes the envelope a lot more when it comes to technology but that doesnt really have an impact if it isnt that important to someone...i just prefer iOS. im far from an old person & i rest around about a 7 on the techie scale so i wouldnt exactly say ease of use is apart of my preference. S-Voice vs. Siri hands down when i used Siri it was def. more accurate. also touch response was noticeably more accurate on my iPhone when typing. did it have a bigger screen or 4G? no, but those features are take-it-or-leave-it. im just saying ppl choose iOS for more reasons than the routine fandroid response "its easy to use" or "its simple".

posted on 16 Aug 2012, 00:03

94. mas11 (Posts: 1034; Member since: 30 Mar 2012)

Just wait until JB comes to your SGSIII. Google Now is way better than S Voice and with project butter there's no such thing as lag. Let me know if you change your mind after you get JB :)

Btw if you wanna try out Google Now on your SGSIII today just head on over to xda

posted on 17 Aug 2012, 17:39

95. mmathews (Posts: 1; Member since: 17 Aug 2012)

Amazingly, only 25% were considering an iPhone as a choice for purchase. That means 75% didn't even consider iPhone in the process! That is astounding.

posted on 17 Aug 2012, 21:11 1

96. rusticguy (Posts: 2828; Member since: 11 Aug 2012)

When i bought smartphone as a gift for my son's b'day 2 weeks back he preferred Xperia P and reason being:

(1) Android
(2) 2012 launch phone
(3) Full aluminium unibody
(4) Saved almost $350+ (conversion from INR to USD) as comapred to outdate IPhone 4S 16gb.

He said dad i need a configurable smartphone and not some outdate piece of fashion jewelry to flaunt :)

posted on 19 Aug 2012, 07:28 1

97. donnh21 (Posts: 2; Member since: 18 Aug 2012)

apple? only idiots have buy that expensive phone with the battery that drain a couple of minutes:-)

posted on 19 Aug 2012, 19:14

98. mattkl (Posts: 234; Member since: 01 Feb 2010)

The Apple fruits make me laugh. You realize the research studies were conducted by Apple. So Google couldn't skew them.

posted on 20 Aug 2012, 10:36

99. RyanM4g63 (Posts: 15; Member since: 20 Aug 2012)

I always thought that Apple wanted to release their flagship first iphone on the fastest data speed network (AT&T) just cuz you know apple is apple and id imagine they'd want their phone on no other than the fastest network at the time.

posted on 20 Aug 2012, 23:17

100. ryq24 (Posts: 771; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

in most countries the main reason is because iphone is just too expensive!

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