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Apple's iPhone 3G is now official

0. phoneArena posted on 09 Jun 2008, 13:34

iPhone 3G will be available July 11th in 22 countries, starting at $199. It adds 3G support, integrated GPS and a flush headphone jack...

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posted on 09 Jun 2008, 15:15

21. (unregistered)

Just another LG Prada copy. When will apple come up with their own ideas.

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 15:39

23. Anomalies (Posts: 61; Member since: 08 Jun 2008)

I'm not an Apple fan boy, by all means. However, the Prada screen is pressure sensitive and the iPhone seriously has the best touch screen capabilities as far as touch-screen phones go. But anyways the world revolves around taking someone's original idea and improving on it. If we were to get technical, the Prada wasn't the first touch screen phone or the first phone with that shape. Sorry bud, but if you want original ideas, go see a movie....oh wait

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 16:09

27. (unregistered)

Actually I totally agree with you and my post was actually directed towards the multiple apple fanboys that seem to think that Apple invented the touch screen. Ive just been getting a little annoyed that whenever you read about a new touch screen phone, a bunch of annoying apple fan boys come running over claiming that "(insert any touchsreen) is a just an iphone copycat". It was not directed towards people like you who actually know what they are talking about. I just wanted to confuse all the jesusphone fanatics who think apple invented touch screen technology (which in reality as been around for many years). And yes, all apple did was improve upon it. As far as it being pressure sensitive (ala the Dare) vs. Capacitive sreens (ala the Iphone), its a big myth that people think one is better than the other. It all comes down to how you implement it. Apple did a great job implementing a great Capacitive sreen. Apple could have gone with a pressure sensitive and probably made one just as stunning. A lot of people think try one or the other and have a bad experience and automatically assume that everything using that technology will also suck, not true. Ive used Capacitive screens that were great like the Iphone, and ones that totally suck ( like the Dare). Ive also used plenty of Pressure sensitive screens that worked great, and some that sucked. Now the dual touch technology... that sets them apart. Oh and last thing, yes I am also annoyed by people on the other side of the fence who have to refer to every new phone as an "Iphone killer" (thats getting annoying too). Peace im out!

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 16:59

31. Anomalies (Posts: 61; Member since: 08 Jun 2008)

Yeah I hear you. I actually like the iPhone, I just hate the fanboys to be honest. I'm perfectly hapy with my VZW phone though. Haha I like working here too. Back to the iPhone, like I said, I like it. I know behind a CDMA network that phone would be amazing(There's a few things they'd need to fix also) But still

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 15:38

22. R.S (unregistered)

The white 16G looks really nice but to tell you the truth i would rather get an unlocked one because at&t sucks!

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 15:53

25. (unregistered)

yay! 3G! wait.... where can I use 3G? nowhere? hmmmmmm. maybe ill just stick with Verizon since they obviously care about there customers network more than launching a phone that the main feature cant be used except if you live in the few large cities where AT&T has it launched. Blackberry Thunder here I come!

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 15:58

26. (unregistered)

no upgrade to the camera? No memory card slot? lame.

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 16:28

28. (unregistered)

So what happens when you are using the GPS and lose ATT service lol... Guess your lost huh

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 16:49

30. (unregistered)

The only reason I like this is the fact that it's cheaper than an iPod Touch lol

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 18:08

33. DOUGQJD (unregistered)

You guys from VZW still dreaming iphone is going one day with y'all, I would belive so when the first CDMA iphone hits the streets, I don't know if you ever made any kind of research but CDMA y is phasing little by little, 3GSM is beating the hell out CDMA, many carriers around the world are switching to GSM and none are leaving GSM for CDMA, even VZW will turn to GSM for its 4G, HEHE take that haters

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 19:03

38. (unregistered)

read post 41

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 20:07

41. (unregistered)

yes thats why 3G GSM is a form of CDMA, youre really smart

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 20:22

43. Murdock (unregistered)

GSM uses Time Division Multiple Access. Long Term Evolution uses an all-IP architecture with Orthagonal Frequency Division Multiple Access on the downlink and Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access on the uplink. Two completely different things. Verizon passed on the iPhone and has been laughing all the way to the bank since.

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 18:40

35. (unregistered)

Why nobody talks about the camera in iphone 2.0

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 22:15

45. (unregistered)

people talked about it enough in iphone 1.0, nothing new to say

posted on 10 Jun 2008, 18:29

59. DOUGQJD (unregistered)

Whoever you are, the only retard seems to be you man, take a few minutes and read, I asked apple store about VZW over the iphone and they laugh out so hard man that was the biggest lie, by the way Nokia will stop manufacturing CDMA handsets in 2009 and they're the N 1 cellphone maker in the world, only GSM dude don't be so ignorant

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 18:58

36. (unregistered)

Verizon turned Apple down! Dont you think Apple would have rather launched a device on a superior network with 3G everywhere? I seriously dont want to hear another post about how VZW keeps dreaming or wishes they had the IPhone. They turned them down! Now shut the hell up! DougQJD..... The funny thing about your statement is that yes. Verizon is going GSM for data. And that They will be the first carrier to launch it and they arent even GSM!!!!! Makes you wonder how much attention ATT and TMobile pay towards there customer experience! Take that you retard!

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 22:17

46. (unregistered)

oh my god, for the last time lte IS NOT GSM

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 19:03

37. (unregistered)

Its obvious that VZW does NOT need an IPhone. Largest carrier, Least churn, highest rated customer service, most 3G. Ohhhh. guess whos getting a certain Blackberry exclusivly???? You guessed it. VZW!!!!!!

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 19:22

39. Anomalies (Posts: 61; Member since: 08 Jun 2008)

Yeah we rock. I honestly love being a VZW rep

posted on 10 Jun 2008, 12:47

55. (unregistered)

Mergers cause serious headaches, Verizon's time is coming as soon as they sell off their Unicell assets... Then the storm is coming....

posted on 12 Jun 2008, 10:21

63. (unregistered)

Well your about to loose me, and I'll glady pay my termination fee for the iphone instead of shelling out over $100 a month to Verizon like I am now for a bunch of crap equipment.

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 20:01

40. Murdock (unregistered)

Apple would have you believe that they have created the greatest thing since slice bread, and now that they have finally gotten around to adding a 3G radio to it, that justifies you coughing up more money so Steve Jobs can buy another mansion or whatnot. Here's why it doesn't: -NETWORK COMPATIBILITY: The iPhone is a GSM-only device and it will not work on a CDMA network. That's unfortunate, because CDMA is superior to GSM as an air interface. The spectral efficiency and enhanced security of CDMA compared to GSM is not something can disputed. Let's see, Walsh Encoding, D.S.S.S., soft handoffs, etc. vs. rehashed TDMA with only A5/1 and A5/2 encryption that was cracked years ago. I could go on, but to list all the advantages of CDMA over GSM would be beyond the scope of this post. The GSM People will no doubt talk about how they are the so-called "world-standard" and how you don't get a SIM Card. Yes, there are countries where CDMA is not an option, and even if they do have a CDMA network, CDMA roaming has never been cheap (or easy). However, there are dual-mode GSM/CDMA handsets available, and even if you must have a GSM device, there are much better options than the iPhone, Blackberry being the best example. The WiFi is nice, but again that's something you could get on a myriad of better phones, and if you're going to be doing the majority of your web surfing, email, etc., near a hotspot, a laptop or a UMPC would be a better option. Finally, using a iPhone in the U.S. entails getting married to "Ma Bell" :-( Use the Death Star? No thanks, I'm cool. I enjoy not having dropped calls, phones that don't break when you so much as breath on them, and reps who have an actual clue as to how a cell phone actually works. That's nice that they've allegedly upgraded the network just in time for the launch, but that really doesn't help if you're not doing anything to properly manage the traffic on shared bandwith. A 5 Mhz channel really needs its own frequency (like the 1700 and 2100 Mhz solutions used everywhere else). If for some reason you simply cannot avoid a date with the blue team, do yourself a favor and get one of the Blackberries that will be on display right next to "Das iPhone" in the showroom. You could jailbreak it and use it on T-Mobile, but then you won't get the 3G, as T-Mobile's United States 3G uses 1700 Mhz. -INPUT: Once again, WHERE'S THE KEYBOARD!!! It is so sad that the wireless industy (and Apple especially) is in love with touch technology. I personally hate it. I've used several touch-only phones and even fooled around with an iPod touch and have gotten into enough almost close calls on the road to know that at the BARE MININUM I want a fixed dialpad. And what happens if when the touch screen becomes unresponsive, develops dead pixels, etc? And don't give me the whole song and dance about haptics. I don't care. I WANT REAL BUTTONS ON THE PHONE. -EXPANSION: Not enough memory to fit all your music, videos, and applications? No problem, just insert a memory card - oh, that's right, it doesn't have a slot (again). A huge misstep on a feature that is starting to become standard in even the entry-level phones. Gee, I wonder if it will have Micro-USB or one of Apple's proprietary connections. Gotta sell those accessories; Mansions are expensive, you know what I mean? -OPERATING SYSTEM: MacOS X Mobile is stable and fast and works well. But then again, so is Blackberry OS. Windows Mobile is improving, and the age of Linux phones is upon us. Which brings me to my most important point. I find it comical that Apple is repeating the EXACT same marketing mistakes they made in the 1980s. They are so concerned with zapping people for every last dollar on the high-end of the market that they have neglected to develop a solution for a key market segment: the low end. I call it the "Dark Matter of the Internet": the billions of people in the Third World that as of yet are not connected. Nokia, for example, has figured this out and have invested mucho dollars into producing low-cost, durable phones designed specifically for these markets. Think about it: a few hundred bucks may not sound like a lot to the average American, but in many of these countries this is a small fortune. In conclusion, I predict that the upcoming flood of Linux, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry devices will eventually drown out Apple in the high-end segment, and it's probably already too late for them to make any inroads in the low-end. Please spare yourself the huge markup on products that Apple charges when better alternatives are readily available. Steve Jobs doesn't need any more mansions.

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 20:12

42. (unregistered)

well said, although my XV6900's suretype touch keyboard is pretty easy to type on, but i do agree physical keys are better

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 20:29

44. Anomalies (Posts: 61; Member since: 08 Jun 2008)

Thank you, that was very well put.

posted on 08 Jul 2008, 15:21

70. rbz275 (Posts: 37; Member since: 09 Apr 2008)

exactly i think the iphone is really cool, but i would never get one i have vzw, and dont plan on going elsewhere, especially not to at&t

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 23:46

47. JoeyStyles (Posts: 78; Member since: 11 May 2008)

Great updates but still no MMS cmon why apple you correct everything accept 1 major thing cmon, but out the bright side 200 bucks ain't bad so now this is the death of sprint, the instinct will come out and will not sell worth a damn after the iphone comes out

posted on 10 Jun 2008, 00:12

48. (unregistered)

meh, nothing groundbreaking and still missing simple features. ill wait for android

posted on 10 Jun 2008, 08:52

50. c1 (unregistered)

People say this phone is cheaper. But is it really? It comes locked and can only be purchased at AT&T stores with activation, for 2 years. It includes a voice plan ($30) and a data plan ($30). $60 each month X 24 months = $1440 $1440 + $200 (cheapest iphone 3g) = $1640. This phone is more expensive than the previous version and than the ipod touch. OPEN YOUR EYES and DON'T BE FOOLED by apple's MARKETING STRATEGY. You end up paying a lot more.

posted on 10 Jun 2008, 09:42

51. (unregistered)

haha, its almost like phone arena did an article on this right after this one! and your math is way off; its $70/month, as opposed to the old $60, which means its $240 more and therefore the phone ends up being $40 more than the old one. also, apple isnt getting the cut they did the first time around, this move is atts call

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