Apple's iOS 9 to ditch 4-digit passcodes, introduces 6-digit alphanumeric ones

iOS 9 is already official and got previewed on stage at the WWDC opening event. We've already rounded up the more major new features of the upcoming iteration of the platform, but other, minor ones are surfacing as we speak.

One of the more notable ones is oriented towards security. See, up until now, iOS required you to create a 4-digit passcode, but it seems that iOS 9 will be a bit more secure, as it requires users to create a longer, 6-character passcode. This is generally making the possible passcode combinations from roughly 10,000 to approximately a million. Still, the option to use an old-school 4-digit passcode 

That's not all, mind you - the passcode can now consist of both letters and digits. This alphanumeric combination paves the way towards stronger and harder to guess passcodes. Certainly that is a pretty big leap in terms of security


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