Apple uses Android-style pie charting to prove fragmentation is not an issue for iOS

"Fragmentation? What fragmentation?" might have very well been the working title of the chart inside, which is posted at the iOS Developer Center to orient devs about the most popular version at the moment...
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To be honest upgrading from iOS 5 to iOS 6 is hardly any difference!

17. djripster

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:) It did make my iPhone slower


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Ip4 or the ip4s

37. djripster

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The iPhone 4

23. wendygarett unregistered

I like how fandroid such a butthurt and fail to realise that the word fragmentation refers to developer, not for the consumer... Of course ios is bad for consumer, but developer is happy, because they just need to make the ios6 version of apps only, but android, is a big pain because they need to make gingerbread apps, ics apps and now jellybean apps as well... Why develop free apps for a fragmented os when you can earn more paid apps on developing just ios6?


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Blame the carriers not Google! But it's Googles fault to let carriers decide when and what, unlike Apple it's up to them! So know you,re a BA this week?

26. wendygarett unregistered

Google now, available for android 4.1 and ios6, yet only 40% of android user enjoy it but 90% of ios user enjoy Google now BBM, available for android 4.1 and ios6, yet another features fragmentation Microsoft office, available for android 4.1 and ios 6, hurray my iPhone 3gs can use it while android can't... talk about features fragmentation, android remains worse than ios in the end :)

32. sniper1087

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only one correction BBM will be available on android 4.0 and above.

40. Whateverman

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Yeah, that all sounds iOS is great, unless you are one of the 10% that gets nothing from Apple anymore. Could Android use some improving, heck yeah it ain't perfect. But neither is iOS so let's stop pretending it is. Wait... No broken english. Your not even the real wendy! Get your own user name, lol.

42. marbovo

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According to this chart, you are not the 10%, you are the 1%

43. Whateverman

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You're right but "wendy" was talking about the 10% that wont get Google Now on iOS, so that's what I was referring too. Either way, Apple can't invent this concept, then try to say it doesn't apply to them. It does no matter how the word it.

45. wendygarett unregistered

Lol, I'm not enjoyong to defend Apple, and my avatar says all... It just that you guys are too much... seriously, polishing the turd? You just judging someone by your own eyes and you refeuse to experience it, there some apps that android user still left behind as my comments earlier... why are they keep make themselves so low? It's not like Apple murdered their whole family or something :(

53. joey_sfb

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I am only against Apple for trying to stop competition thru litigation and not thru providing better product or value. the rest of the Apple fan could continue to support Apple after learning about their business practice is up to them.

24. wando77

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Black borders on apps anybody?

28. lukasound

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fragmentation is the price of progress... something that was practically non-existent on iOS

34. roscuthiii

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"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

39. Jphones

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this crap has no merit of course these numbers are ridiculous APPLE MAKES ONE DAM PHONE if they diversified like android this would be completely different

47. EclipseGSX

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AMG SHOCKER!! A chart made by Apple, that's totally trustworthy and not exaggerated....

48. moronman66

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They should do the same thing, but with features that aren't put on older phones. iPhone 5 gets everything, 4S gets most things, but not as much as the new iPod Touch, and the 4 gets barely anything, and 3GS, sorry, you're SOL.

52. jroc74

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49. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

So now their doing a pie chart?


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51. jroc74

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Oh know good in well the fragmentation with iOS is the features that are left out of older hardware, OS versions....
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