Apple to fend off the Android onslaught with a 4" screen on the next iPhone

Not that this is totally out of the deep blue sea, but component supplier leaks are hinting towards Apple testing bigger, 4" displays, for the next generation iPhone, ditching the one-size-fits-all approach...
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30. xxa4hxx unregistered

I would say I have had many phones pres on launch, instinct near launch, iphone on launch of every gen but iphone 4. I have had android phones, blackberrys, sidekicks, many verisons of windows phone. Right now havent decided on my next phone, I have looked at atrix, inspire 4g, and many others. I dont like closed and apple thinking but some apps are far better then on android or blackberry. I think they got some things right besides all sheep. They got unified standard which makes it easy to develop for. Window phone 7 is starting what android needs to start. My biggest complain about android is which phone can run what. Id like a more unified standard so we can start seeing more graphical gaming and productive tools. I just feel like in old linux system on it at times. Blackberry is following behind and produces a few readability issues on blackberry network although it isnt much from my experience. Palm just needs more designs and I could be allowable with two standards one for cheap pixi device, and one for higher in devices palm pre and up. -illusion Ps. I am horrible at grammar but I am better with computers and so on.
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