Apple teaming up with Canon for an upcoming product/service?

Apple teaming up with Canon for an upcoming product/service?

Apple and Canon might soon shake hands over an upcoming partnership expected to yield a new product or service, and one likely guess is the forthcoming 8th version of Apple's Final Cut Pro, according to CanonRumors. The website has received “a few pieces of information about an upcoming collaboration between Apple and Canon,” but further details are scarce.

AppleInsider has a couple of suggestions like a MobileMe Photo Stream, which coincides with Apple's plans of a brand-new MobileMe service coming up possibly in April. Cupertino's AirPlay and AirPrint over the air sharing services could also be supported in Canon products in the future. We can think of a number of ways integrating Apple services into a Canon product (or the other way around) could benefit both companies, but for the time being any analysis is limited to pure speculation. What do you expect out of such partnership?

source: CanonRumors via AppleInsider



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