Apple support claims both new iPhones have scratch-proof sapphire glass displays

At least two Apple representatives on the line - members of the sales team and their supervisors - confirmed that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus feature sapphire-covered, scratch-proof displays...
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28. 0xFFFF

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The slides say ion-strengthened. It's likely some variant on Gorilla Glass as it has been in the past, but Apple doesn't ever give any credit to their suppliers.

30. Af1rPA

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It's a Sapphire Laminate according to the 'Apple Sapphire Patent'. So it's not fully sapphire but also no Gorilla. A sapphire sheet adhered to a glass sheet. Or multiple sapphire sheets adhered to a glass sheet. I think it would be really interesting to watch how apply makes it. Here's the patent if anyone wants a read.

33. tamchawk

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In the keynote, specifically told about glass toughened with ion exchange (i.e. replacing sodium ion of normal soda glass with potassium to create compressive stress on the surface as potassium ions are larger. Thus preventing crack propagation from surface and increasing fracture toughness). That itself confirms that it is gorilla glass. Sapphire single crystals are made in completely different way.
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