Apple sued for slowing down iPhones with older batteries

Apple is getting sued for "purposefully slowing down older iPhone models when new models come out"...
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49. makatijules

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In Cali if you Google lawsuits against Apple, Judges dismiss cases where Apple was clearly in the wrong, yet judges did nothing to protect vonsumets These judges are on Apple bankroll and it's time for this to stop. This is what is great about Android. When my phone gets an update, it shows a message that contains the information of what the update provides, before it is applied so you can opt out. Apple does show some info if you know where to look, but it should pop up on the screen. Any defect found within one year of production, even if the product is now out of warranty, the OEM should be forced to replace or repair the device at their own expense.

54. sissy246

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It's California, not Cali ( yes I know it short for California, still sounds stupid lol). LOL I hate that word, Cali and I am from there, lol "These judges are on Apple bankroll and it's time for this to stop" Agree, and that's why I see apple get a slap on the hand.

62. Jrod99

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Ok Apple. Redo this software. Nobody wants there phones throttled. Mine is just over 2 years and better not start showing these symptoms.

71. dimas

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Sorry, 2 years is already vintage for apple. Add one more year and it will be considered ancient and ready for the museum.

70. dimas

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Breach of contract: that's the keyword because they didn't inform their customers beforehand. Apple must brace themselves with more lawsuits coming.

75. gamehead unregistered

what they deserve

82. Shafittey

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What's more interest here is the comment section. I never get bored of reading you guys comments, keep it up guys...You guys doing a great job here...Lots of Love to You ALL....

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